Laziness: The worst enemy of a full life

    Laziness: The worst enemy of a full life

    Would you like to do something, but feel so tired that you prefer to stay comfortably on the sofa? Do you want to try something new, but when you think about all the effort you would have to put in, do you decide that it is better to put off for another time? We've all felt this way from time to time, it's those moments when you are assaulted by laziness and you lose any urge to do anything.

    Laziness can come for many reasons. Sometimes it is caused by fatigue, both physical and mental. In these cases, after a period of hard work, you do not want to do anything and the mere thought of having to make an effort causes us a headache of cosmic proportions. Obviously, in this situation, laziness is like a kind of defense mechanism, an alarm bell that reminds us that we need to rest and regain our strength.

    Other times laziness comes with routine, when we do the same things every day and, even if we want to change, we are afraid to do it. In these cases, laziness is an excuse to keep things as they are. Become an enemy that must be defeated at all costs because our happiness is at stake.

    In fact, if you look back and analyze the moments in which you were attacked by laziness, it is likely that you will discover a common pattern: they were all situations in which you had to take some risk; the risk of changing something in one's life or facing a serious problem. Laziness acted as a defense mechanism in the face of situations that seemed cognitively and emotionally larger than us. Laziness was protecting us from change because we know that our brains aren't exactly comfortable with changes, but prefers already proven pathways.

    But laziness is the shortest path to dissatisfaction. In addition to giving us an unpleasant feeling, it prevents us from moving forward by making us postpone important decisions and avoiding us trying new things that could help us change.

    At this point we understand that laziness is not our best counselor. How should we handle it?

    The key is to take baby steps every day so that we don't feel overwhelmed or forced. The ideal would be to start doing something that is not too bold for us, so that we feel comfortable, but at the same time represents a small challenge.

    At this point it is possible to set a goal, raising the bar a little every day: setting yourself a new challenge. You will see that activity calls for other activity and gradually laziness will leave you. Whenever you succeed in doing something new you will be happy, and this will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and stimulate you to take new steps. One day you will wake up and the laziness will be gone and in its place there will be a much more proactive and self-confident person.

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