Laughing is serious business

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Laughing is serious business

Last update: Augusts 04, 2015

To irritate any representative of the authorities, children devote a lot of energy to "playing clowns". They do not want to appreciate the gravity of our enormous concerns, while we forget that if we followed the example of the children a little more, our worries would not be that enormous.

Conrad Hyers

Take a moment to think about how many times in a day someone or something makes you smile.

Now think about the last time you had a good laugh. A laugh that comes from deep inside, the kind you can't contain.

Babies laugh an average of 400 times a day. An adult about 15-20 times a day.

What happened that made you lose this ability?

Most of the time, maturity is associated with seriousness. We often think that laughter is a fundamental characteristic of childhood, so we consider it a childish attitude and develop some mental patterns to put it aside.

In this way, we fall into the equation formalism = seriousness and it is in this direction that we lose the sense of humor, the ability to laugh and be surprised by something..

The fear of being not serious or unprofessional leads us to hide the laughter. Nothing further from reality. Because it's one thing to laugh at anything, it's another to have a sense of humor.

Paradoxically, laughter is the language of intelligent people. Ultimately, a sense of humor is inherently transgressive. With a sense of humor we can break the mold established by a dogmatic society. It gives us another perspective, another way of seeing things.

And it is precisely when we have different points of view that we can appreciate all the nuances. Learn to look at yourself from the outside and don't take yourself too seriously. Laughter relativizes the situation, so it allows you to learn to see things from another point of view.

Imagine a painting. If you get very close to see it, you won't be able to fully enjoy it, as a whole, you will only see a part of it. It's the same with problems. Thanks to laughter, you will be able to see the "picture" from all perspectives.

Redeem your sense of humor! Be authentic!

A genuine sense of humor is your best weapon for managing emotions.

Laugh at long faces, at tense and stressed people. Laugh at your nonsense, your insecurities, your jealousy.

Enough of hanging faces. Enough with the dramas, the pains, the misfortune. Laugh at your mistakes and your mistakes. Laughter is liberating, an outlet. It makes you fly.

Laugh because laughter is contagious, it will free you from stress and negativity.

Smile left and right. Especially to those who look at you with a serious expression on their face. Maybe you infect them with your smile!

Look for an intelligent person with whom you can laugh like crazy. The best relationships are based on a sense of humor. Laughter gives a feeling of closeness to the other person and there is nothing more fun than laughing with a friend about something that is only about you. Even at the risk of looking stupid in the eyes of others.

Value those who make you laugh. Better to go crazy because these people are doing a lot more for you than a sedative or an antidepressant.

The fact is that in life you have to have a sense of humor.

Remember that sometimes laughing is serious.

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