Lat machine pull-ups with supine grip

Lat machine pull-ups with supine grip


The Supine Grip Lat Machine Exercise is also known as Lat Machine Chin Ups, Reverse Grip Lat Machine, Reverse Grip Lat Machine, Reverse Grip

Type of Exercise

Supine lat pulldown is a basic exercise


  • Supine pull-ups

Lat machine pull-ups with supine grip: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete sitting on the lat machine with the legs locked, the back in its position of strength and the torso slightly tilted back. The hands holding the bar with a supine grip, therefore with the palm facing the athlete, are placed at a distance equal to or slightly greater than that of the shoulders which are almost completely flexed in the sagittal plane. The elbows are extended. The shoulder blades, rotated upwards, can be elevated or depressed; in the second case there is no action 5. The execution consists in depressing the shoulder blades (if the starting position was with the shoulder blades elevated) and then extending the shoulders and at the same time flexing the elbows and bringing the bar into contact with the upper part of the chest. The most efficient movement is the one that comes closest to drawing a straight line segment. The inclination of the torso does not have to vary throughout the execution of the movement, however it is possible to partially extend the hip during the concentric phase of the movement as a cheating technique.

Muscles involved in the exercise Supine grip lat machine pull-ups

Group 0

  • Great dorsal
  • Big round
  • Posterior deltoid
  • Lower bundles of the pectoralis major
  • Long head of the brachial triceps
Shoulder extension

Group 1

  • Brachial biceps
  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradiale
  • Superficial flexion of the fingers
  • Radial flexor of the carpus
  • Ulnar flexor of the carpus
  • Long handheld
Elbow flexion

Group 2

  • Intermediate beams of the trapezius
  • Lower bundles of the trapezius
  • Romboide
Scapular adduction

Group 3

  • Scapula elevator
Lower scapular rotation

Group 4

  • Small breastplate
Scapular depression (optional)
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