Laminaria seaweed: properties, use and contraindications

L'alga laminaria is a brown algae rich in iodine and sodium, useful for skin care and health and to accelerate metabolism. Let's find out better.

> 1. Description of the seaweed

> 2. Properties and use of the laminaria seaweed

> 3. Benefits of laminaria

> 4. Contraindications of the laminaria seaweed



Description of the seaweed

Laminaria, scientifically known as Laminaria digitata, is brown seaweed very long, in fact it extends for about four meters, dark brown in color and large, consisting of a thallus that widens into "fingers".

Si found in cold seas and oceans, particularly in the North Sea and the North Atlantic. It is found in abundance along the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, in Iceland and in Russia and in Brittany.

After being harvested, this seaweed is dried, processed and marketed in the form of various products. The laminaria is known and appreciated above all for its high content of mineral salts, among which the iodine.


Properties and use of the laminaria alga

Laminaria is an algae rich in iodine and sodium; algin can be extracted from laminaria, which is used as an emulsifier and gelidifier in ice creams, fruit juices, jams and more.

Also rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, laminaria is characterized by high doses of folic acid and numerous vitamins which make it a nutritious food in many countries.

Kelp based supplements are usually available both in the form of dust that of compress.


Laminaria among the ingredients of active muds against skin blemishes


Benefits of laminaria

Regular intake of laminaria can help increase the body's metabolism, favoring the elimination of fat and the achievement of a healthy weight.

The iodine contained in the laminaria is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, in charge of metabolism.

The ability of alginates to absorb water makes laminaria a suitable food also to increase the sense of satiety; this substance makes seaweed is also an excellent laxative.

It is used in phytotherapy and herbal medicine for its cholesterol-lowering, anti-hypertensive, antiviral and antitumor action. It is also used in thalassotherapy for skin care.


Contraindications of the laminaria seaweed

Laminaria and other iodine-rich algae are contraindicated for those suffering from hyperthyroidism and can cause, in sensitive subjects, undesirable effects such as hot flashes, palpitations and nervousness with difficulty falling asleep.

Other ailments that can cause are acne, stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea and a metallic taste in the mouth upon intake.


Try laminaria along with other seaweeds for weight loss


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