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La Kola nut, a fruit native to the African rainforest, is rich in caffeine and theobromine, hunger inhibitors. Useful in weight loss diets, it is also used as ally of the nervous system. Let's find out better.

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Description of the fruit

Native to the African rainforest, the evergreen trees of the genus Cola, which can reach up to twenty-five meters, produce fruits called kola nuts (or more rarely, kola), inside which are the seeds that are chewed or processed to produce extracts or derivatives.

The taste of the kola nut is definitely bitter at first glance but, following chewing, a sweetish aroma follows, vaguely reminiscent of rose flowers.


Kola nut, ally of

Weight loss diets, muscle tissues, nervous system, digestive system, skin.


Nutritional composition and properties of the kola nut

The bitter taste indicates the content of xanthines and methylxanthines, such as caffeine theobromine, theomylline and other active ingredients typical of beverages such as tea, chocolate and coffee. These are useful in weight loss diets since hunger inhibitors.

We also have a lot of cellulose, tannins, trannic acid and phlobaphenes (red agents around the seeds), catechins (astringents and antioxidants), and finally various alkaloids, useful for stimulating and promoting digestion and to soothe problems related to migraines.


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Contraindications of the kola nut

Like all foods rich in alkaloids, alcohols and strong active ingredients such as xanthines and methylzantines, it is good to abstain, or otherwise moderate during pregnancy, since high dosages of these substances can interact with the development of the fetus in an undesirable way.

This also applies to those who are taking medications: avoid mixing active ingredients o limiting oneself to safe dosages is always a behavior dictated by common sense and can only avoid unnecessary trouble.

Kola nuts contain caffeine, therefore they have all possible contraindications due to the abuse of this substance.



Many alkaloids contained in kola nuts are able to inhibit hunger and the feeling of fatigue.


How to eat the kola nut

In the countries of origin, the seeds contained within the kola nuts are chewed, mainly for four purposes: food, medical, ritual, social.

As food it can bring minerals; like drug it has diuretic, appetizing, digestive, stimulating, energizing actions; the use of kola nuts is part of many rituals and initiations linked above all to the entry into adulthood; offering and chewing together kola nuts is a gimmick used to consolidate social relationships.

With the kola nut, drinks, dried and ground flours, tablets and pills are produced. In Africa it is also used to boil them to extract the active ingredients to be drunk later in the form of herbal tea. In herbalists it is also easy to get the mother tincture of kola nut.


The kola nut among the natural supplements for weight loss


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