Kohlrabi, properties and benefits

Kohlrabi, properties and benefits

Kohlrabi has an oval shape and the size of a large apple. It is excellent raw; it is sufficient to peel it and cut it into slices to obtain a crunchy side dish that can be easily combined with many main courses. The flavor is delicate and somewhat reminiscent of cauliflower. It can also be eaten cooked, usually added to soups.

There are two varieties of kohlrabi: light green and purple kohlrabi. The nutritional qualities are more or less the same with the difference that purple, like all vegetables of this color, contains a good amount of anthocyanins, substances known for their antioxidant qualities. However, both types of kohlrabi contain carotenoids and histocyanates, other known antioxidants.

Kohlrabi is rich in glucosinolates, contains four times more than the better known cauliflower. Glucosinolates are substances that are attributed anticancer qualities.

Kohlrabi is a lot well tolerated, does not contain known allergens and can therefore be consumed often.


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The five main benefits of kohlrabi

> It is rich in Vitamin C. To benefit from this quality, however, it is necessary to eat it raw, because the vitamin C is dispersed with the heat. 100 g of kohlrabi provides up to 62 mg of vitamin C.

> Promotes the digestion. Kohlrabi is very rich in fiber, which is essential for effective digestion. Dietary fibers help keep the gastrointestinal system healthy, ensure adequate and regular bowel movements and they help fight constipation and abdominal bloating.

> It is an excellent ally for those who wish lose weight. In the face of a minimum caloric intake, kohlrabi has a remarkable satiating power. It is an excellent hunger breaker and, the simplicity of preparation and consumption, makes it a perfect snack to always keep in the fridge to nibble on something healthy and low in calories when you feel the need for a snack.

> Kohlrabi is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is one of the most important substances for a good functioning of the organism. It is essential for the health of the muscles including the main one, the cardiac one, and for the energy balance. Potassium acts as a vasodilator and helps maintain blood pressure values ​​within the normal range, protecting the body from hypertension peaks; it also promotes good blood circulation and, consequently, better protection of the organs.

> It is, in general rich in nutrients. In addition to potassium and vitamin C, kohlrabi contains a fair amount of phosphorus, folate, thiamine, calcium and iron.


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