Kiwi, the natural laxative

Kiwi, the natural laxative

Kiwi is one edible berry produced from a plant known with the scientific name of Actinidia deliciosa or chinensis. Kiwi plants they are not real trees in the sense that they do not have a woody trunk and aerial branches but they are more like lianas.

They belong to the botanical family of the Actinidiaceae which has its origins in Southern China. The kiwi plant has found spread all over the world and above all in the lands of New Zealand from where it also derives its name. Indeed here there is a typical bird known with the name kiwi.

However, the cultivation of kiwifruit is also very widespread in the country it has become in recent times the second largest producer of kiwifruit in the world. Essentially There are two main varieties of kiwifruit: one produces kiwifruit with green flesh while the other has yellow flesh and more sugary flavor.


Composition of kiwi

Kiwi is a refreshing fruit, thirst-quenching and diuretic which is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. In kiwifruit the presence of vitamin C is higher than even the best known lemons, oranges and peppers, so much so that it is preferred to acquire the right amounts of ascorbic acid for the daily requirement of the body.

In addition, kiwifruit contains essential vitamin E for the well-being of the skin and folic acid essential for babies why helps development and balanced growth of the body.

Kiwi is rich in mineral salts such as iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. This conspicuous presence of minerals makes it kiwi an excellent remineralizer, a diuretic and even acts as a regulator of blood pressure and heart function.

In particular, the combination of its vitamins with its minerals allows the body a better and easier absorption precisely because the phytocomplex is well balanced. Eg the presence of vitamin C helps the absorption of iron making the kiwi become a excellent antianemic with antiseptic action.

Last but not least, kiwifruit is very rich in fibers that greatly help the intestinal functions of our body.


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Constipation and constipation what are they?

When we fail to go to the bathroom and stool remains in the final tract of the intestine we speak of constipation and constipation. This difficulty in clearing the intestine by expelling the feces it can become very annoying and last over time. If the constipation is repeated or even becomes chronic, it is very easy for the situation to lead to a real disease.

La constipation causes abdominal pain, swelling, sense of heaviness and difficulty in evacuating the stool which becomes dry causing micro lacerations at the moment of expulsion.

In the country the statistics count that 17% of the population suffers from this disorder with higher percentages among women. Also in women this problem often arises during pregnancy because the uterus crushes the intestine, hindering the normal bowel movement that allows the evacuation of stool. Constipation is therefore common during the gestation period in women.

The answer to resolving constipation is usually theuse of laxative drugs o cleanser which, however, are notoriously very strong and can lead to create a kind of addiction to the body.

Before getting to the use of drugs and purgatives it is possible to help yourself with natural remedies against constipation and with a tailor-made power supply.


Kiwi as a natural laxative

One of the best natural laxative foods you can take is kiwifruit. In fact, thanks to its composition of nutritional substances and the large amount of dietary fiber is capable of greatly helping in case of constipation.

Dietary fiber is very important for intestinal regularity. Indeed dietary fiber which is divided into soluble and insoluble fiber it is practically undigested by our intestines. However, it is used instead to clean up the entire gastrointestinal tract as if it were a broom that sweeps any harmful substance from the inner wall.

In addition, insoluble fiber such as cellulose has the excellent property which consists of retain water. Thanks to this ability, the insoluble dietary fiber is able to increase the volume of fecal mass, softens it and accelerates intestinal transit.

All this also allows a less contact with toxic substances and harmful to the body.

On the other side soluble dietary fiber forms a kind of gel that soothes and protects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

This is useful after periods of constipation when microlesions and macriulcers may have formed on the mucosa. The soluble fiber gel allows micro wounds to heal faster and soothes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.


Use of kiwi anti constipation

Kiwis should always be eaten fresh and better if chosen from organic farming where even the peel can be used.

To have a laxative effect, it will very simply be enough eat 2 fresh kiwis for breakfast in the morning. It remains advisable to keep an empty stomach and eat kiwis as the first food of breakfast.

After a few days By taking kiwifruit the intestines will begin to work on its own again and the constipation of the stool will soon end. With the'adding a teaspoon of brown sugar the anti-constipation result will be even faster and constipation will end quickly.

It is also excellent kiwi and yogurt smoothie always as a natural anti-constipation laxative. It will be enough to take 125 g of low-fat yogurt and 2 beautiful ripe kiwis, perhaps choosing to buy products of organic farming origin due to the absence of chemical synthesis products for a more ecological and sustainable choice.

Returning to our anti-constipation smoothie, just blend the white yogurt well with the kiwis adding a natural sweetener to taste: raw cane sugar, cereal malt, molasses, honey, agave or agave syrup.

As soon as it is pureed, you will need to drink it immediately in order not to lose the precious vitamin C and to preserve all nutritional and healthy properties. This smoothie will be diuretic, purifying, antioxidant and anti-constipation.

Kiwi fiber is edible and can be added to the smoothie to greatly help the laxative effect of the smoothie.


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