Keep calm according to Zen

Keep calm according to Zen

The most important thing to keep calm in the midst of a storm is to learn to see problems as a necessary element in order to grow. Let's see how to exploit them in your favor.

Keep calm according to Zen

Last update: April 01, 2021

Staying calm in the midst of a storm is not only an art, but also a necessity. Because it is precisely in the most difficult moments that we most need serenity in the heart and tranquility in the mind to know how to act. It is also in these situations that we become more vulnerable to mistakes.

When things get complicated, it's normal for us to react automatically. Either we freeze completely or we respond in an impulsive and chaotic way. Sometimes it is a state that lasts a long time. Staying calm in the midst of a storm means moving beyond those basic reactions.

"There is no greater calm than that generated by reason."

– Seneca –

The center is that point of equilibrium where we once again feel in control of ourselves. Reason takes the helm and we can use intelligence to decide the next step to take. According to Zen, to stay calm in the midst of a storm it is best to perform the following actions.

Zen tips for staying calm

1. Close your eyes and breathe

This is an immediate action that helps us stay calm in the midst of a storm. Zen tells us that when a situation arises that one way or another overwhelms us, closing your eyes and breathing is the most important thing to do.

When we close our eyes, we isolate ourselves from the outside and focus on our inner world. At first it is necessary, as well as trying to restore normal respiratory rate.

This simple gesture protects us from sudden reactions, which often aggravate the already present problem. Closing your eyes and breathing acts as a kind of anchor that prevents us from getting carried away.

2. Release the desire for control

It may surprise you to know that many of our worst emotional states arise from a desire for control. Since this is impossible, it easily causes a feeling of irritation, frustration and helplessness.

One could almost say that we have no control over anything, at least not in an absolute sense. Therefore, the fantasy of control does a lot of damage. It is good to keep this in mind in difficult situations.

Let things flow and put yourself in an observer position. As you see the developments of reality around you, you will begin to understand it.

3. The art of staying calm in the midst of a storm

When we talk about storms we refer to those times when everything seems to be plotting against us. When things go wrong or something happens whose effects are such as to upset everything. We feel victims of fate.

All this can cause us great suffering. However, to get out of such states or periods, we must first regain our point of balance. Art helps us achieve this goal.

Art as an end in itself. In other words, creative activities as a tool to free one's emotions, express oneself and give vent to one's wits.

4. Find something that makes you laugh

Although crying is often followed by a feeling of relaxation, this is not comparable to the cathartic power of laughter. When we laugh, there is a real release of emotional pressures, but also of neurotransmitters and hormones that improve our mood.

To stay calm in the midst of a storm, find a way to laugh. Watch a comedy movie or read something funny. Look for funny videos or listen to comic sketches if necessary.

After laughing, you will surely feel much better. Without realizing it, moreover, you will be able to reduce the severity of the difficulties you will have to face.

5. Keep calm according to Zen: immerse yourself in nature

Zen insists a lot on the importance of getting in touch with nature, especially in difficult moments. Plants, in particular, have highly positive colors and vibrations for the brain. The whole natural environment is relaxing and gives a deep sense of peace.

Contact with animals is also often very beneficial. Animals are noble creatures and some of them are very sensitive and affectionate. They are a very positive energetic presence, which facilitates emotional and mental unlocking.


Zen tells us that problems do not exist to persecute us, but to teach us something. Our culture promotes the idea that we should live happy and relaxed all the time, but this does not correspond to reality. And if it did, it would be something unhealthy.

It is in the face of difficulties that we have managed to evolve. Only if you accept this concept can you learn to stay calm during a storm.

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