Kate and Pippa Middleton: diet to confrontation

    Kate and Pippa Middleton: diet to confrontation

    Kate e Pippa Middleton before getting married they both wanted to lose weight. But following different regimes. The first is the Dukan diet, the second the Sirt diet. Here is the experience of the two sisters and the two diets compared.

    Kate Middleton

    She is 35 years old, 1 meters tall and married to the prince William of England in 2011. Despite being thin, on the occasion of the wedding she followed the dukan diet.

    How much did she lose weight? He lost two sizes, going from a 42 to a 38.

    Pippa Middleton

    She is 33 years old, 70 feet tall and married to the millionaire James Matthews last May 20. To get to the wedding in perfect shape he followed the diet Sirt.

    How much did she lose weight? He lost a size, going from a 42 to a 40.

    Kate followed one of the most famous diets in the world, created by the French doctor Pierre Dukan. It is a high-protein diet, so it prefers a consumption of animal proteins at the expense of carbohydrates.

    Is divided into 4 phases and promises to lose up to 4 kilos in the attack phase, the first, and a kilo a week in the cruise one. The first phase lasts from 3 to 7 days (depending on the kilos you want to lose) and includes only the 72 protein foods authorized by the diet, without any limit.

    Le vegetables, fruit and starches are only allowed starting from the second phase. But not all of them. In total, 28 plant foods are allowed. «Kate didn't need to lose that much weight. She is toned, lean and leads a healthy life. Perhaps because of the anxiety of having to enter a wedding dress Reale has exaggerated », comments Dr. Maria Gabriella Di Russo, professor in Aesthetic Medicine at the Master of the University of Pavia and specialist in dietology and nutrition.

    «Dukan makes you lose weight because it drastically reduces the carbohydrates. It can be followed, but only if you are in perfect health, for a maximum of one month to lose a size, 3-4 chili. With the awareness, however, that those pounds could quickly return ». Kate didn't film them, but she's a super Sports.

    Pros and cons of Sirt

    Despite the already perfect line, for her wedding, Pippa followed the Sirt diet, of the English nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glenn Matten. It is a very trendy low-calorie diet. Illustrated in the book Sirt, the diet of the lean gene (Healthyroyale) is the result of studies on a group of genes, the sirtuins, which regulate metabolism and control the ability to burn fat.

    To activate these "genes of thinness" you have to eat the so-called "sirt" foods (for example coffee, chocolate with 85% cocoa and red wine). It promises a drop of about 3,5 pounds in 7 days and involves two phases: the first 10 days are introduced between 1.100 and 1.500 daily calories divided into meals prepared according to the rules of the two nutritionists and green juices based on sirt foods (such as matcha tea, celery, parsley).

    "The first few days are the hardest and most difficult to manage," says Dr. Maria Gabriella Di Russo. The second phase, that of maintenance, lasts 14 days and involves the consumption of three low-calorie meals a day and a juice.

    «The Sirt makes you lose weight because you eat little and the green juice, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, helps drain ea detoxify the organism. But it is not a food pattern that can be followed for a long time: it is too rigid and does not teach how to eat well ».

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