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Il kale it is a winter vegetable that can withstand the cold and is one of the healthiest vegetables in existence. We can use it as ingredients to prepare numerous dishes, especially first and second courses, but there are also those who add kale leaves, what in the USA they call ‘kale’, fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Kale is a light and tasty vegetable, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Choosing it to prepare your recipes will help you vary the usual menu and bring new colors to the table.

Here is a collection of recipes to prepare with curly kale.


Pasta with kale

One of the easiest ways to cooking with kale is to choose it as a condiment for pasta by combining it with legumes, for example with beans. Here the recipe.

: The candied ginger

Kale and bean soup

La kale and bean soup it is an excellent hot dish to serve on winter evenings and you can enrich it with your favorite seasonal vegetables. Here the recipe.

: With your hands in the dough

Bruschetta with kale

Il sautéed curly kale it is an excellent ingredient for seasoning bruschetta prepared with toasted bread and which you can flavor with extra virgin olive oil and chilli. Here the recipe.

: Babette's lunch

Kale and walnut pesto

With homemade kale you can prepare an excellent self-produced pesto that will be good both for seasoning pasta and for spreading on bread. Here the recipe.

: Spoon and cauldron

Kale with blancmange

Here is a truly original recipe that will allow you to combine kale with a tasty potato-based cream to combine two different textures in one dish. Here the recipe.

: Alice's spoon

Kale and parsnip risotto

If you want to bring new ingredients into your kitchen choose the kale and parsnip to prepare a colorful risotto. Here the recipe.

: Your country cooks

Kale chips or kale chips

The kale chips or kale chips they are a healthy, non-fried, vegetable-based alternative to replace traditional French fries. Here the recipe.

: Vegan Gourmand

Kale sauteed with chickpeas

If you want to prepare a different side dish than usual you can sauté the kale together with the boiled chickpeas, season with herbs and spices and serve with a delicate sauce. Here the recipe.

: Season

Cream of curly kale

With the kale you can prepare a fantastic soup to serve together with homemade croutons. Among the additional ingredients you could choose carrots or potatoes. Here is a useful recipe.

: Unlike Milk

Beetroot dumplings with kale

Among the recipes to prepare with curly kale we find gnocchi based on red beets to be seasoned with a pesto or a homemade sauce made by you with this variety of cabbage. Here the recipe.

: Smile, Beauty and More


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