Just do it! 5 things you can start doing today to change your life

Just do it! 5 things you can start doing today to change your life

Doing is often the basis for change. In this article, you will find 5 things you can start doing right away to change your life.

"If you wait until all conditions are perfect for everything, you probably won't do much."

Win Borden.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that changing life depends exclusively on our actions and that there is at least one action that we can do today, at this moment, to undertake this path of change and personal improvement.

I have already told you in the past about habits to change your life. I want to take advantage of this article to tell you about 5 other habits that will help you achieve the desired change. These habits are linked by a concept as simple as it is powerful: the idea of ​​doing.

1. Do it in the morning

The first gesture of the morning can have a profound influence on yours level of motivation for the rest of the day. If you really want to change your life, this is the part of the day to give more attention. Here are a couple of ideas to get the new day off to a good start:

  • Create a morning routine. Routines and habits often have a negative meaning, but the reality is that a good routine allows us to achieve success as if we were traveling on autopilot. Whether it's giving up a bad habit (e.g. smoking), or acquiring a good one (e.g. running), take advantage of the first hour after waking up to create a space to dedicate to yourself and your growth: train, organize your own day, meditate, relax.
  • Eat that toad. Okay, you don't have to literally eat a toad, but if you want to give your day the right pace, take advantage of the early hours of the day to tackle the most complex, unpleasant or important activities. If you climb Everest in the morning, the rest of the day will be downhill.

2. Do it one more time

Often to double our chances of success we just have to double our efforts: this idea is as trivial as it is… true.

We live in a society of "simple and immediate solutions": we want everything and we want it now. While knowing exactly what we should do to achieve our goals, we prefer to waste time looking for shortcuts. We are obsessed with the idea of ​​instant and effortless success.

But sometimes all we need to reach our goals is just a little more determination: if you still don't hit your goals, try again and if that's not enough ... one more time.

3. Do it differently

We make dozens of decisions every day and too often we make the same decisions. What would your life be like if you started making different decisions? I'm not talking about decisions that happen once in a lifetime, I'm talking about the decisions you make every day: small decisions that however determine the quality of your life.

Just try for one day to do the things you do every day, but in a different way: take a different route to work, or to university; eat something you've never eaten; listen to music you've never heard; read a newspaper you've never read; talk to someone you've never talked to.

4. GetPersonalGrowth failure

We constantly complain that we don't have time for our passions, but the reality is that we literally waste our time on useless, ineffective and sometimes harmful activities.

If you really want to change your life, live more fully and focus on what you love to do you must learn to cut out the less important things. Facebook, TV programs, news, blogs (ups!), E-mails, text messages can become real drugs: there is nothing more pleasant than novelty; receiving updates every second satisfies our thirst for novelty, but at the same time makes us extremely unproductive.

If you want to make time for the important things in your life, you need to learn how to put the stones in your mayonnaise jar in the right order: first the bigger stones, then the pebbles and only at the end the sand.

5. Do it your best

When you do something, do it your best. Giving 100% on every occasion is not easy, but it can have significant advantages:

  • Get better results. Give your best consistently and the results will not be long in coming. As mentioned in point 2, don't be discouraged if the results don't come right away, keep giving 100%.
  • Increase your self-esteem. When we know we have really given our all, we feel deeply satisfied and this feeling is like reinforced concrete for our self-esteem.
  • You feel you deserve it. Psychology teaches us that with the same results we are all the more satisfied the more we feel we deserve it. When you do your best you start to think that you deserve more in life and, call it the law of attraction, or call it whatever you want, you really get more.

What are you waiting for now? Just do it! Just do it! Just do it! ;-)

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