Jump rope: training to lose weight (having fun)

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Jump the rope it is the perfect activity for these times, in which fitness is reinvented: in the park on sunny days, in the living room with “wireless” models. «Jumping rope is an aerobic exercise that trains the heart and lungs, stimulating circulation. It also improves coordination, because by jumping you learn to synchronize the movement of your legs and arms, ”he explains Chiara Petterlini, personal trainer in Pioltello (Milan).

For even more training action, alternate basic jumps to mini total body exercise circuit suggested by our expert: the ideal mix with a fat burning effect.


Here is a mini circuit with the rope that trains muscles and breath. It is an interval training that combines toning exercises with skipping sessions (you choose the pace). Try it now!

  • Heating. Jump with the rope, on alternating feet, at a gentle pace, for 2-3 minutes.

  • The squat of the dancer. Standing, legs apart over the shoulders, toes out. Arms at your sides, bend your knees and turning your palms up, raise your arms, stretched, to the sides of your head. Active abdomen, keep your torso erect. Be careful: your knees must not fall inside. Then straighten your legs and come back with your arms at your sides.
    Repeat 20 times for 3 series with 20-30 ”rest. Ok for legs and buttocks, inner thighs and shoulders. 1,5 to 3 minutes of jumping rope with feet together.

  • The lunge with lateral momentum. Standing with your legs apart at your hips, step back with your left leg and bend your knees by lifting your heel. The right knee must remain in line with the ankle. When you straighten your legs and before bringing them together, with your feet parallel, execute a side sweep of the left.
    Repeat 15 times, then reverse the legs. Perform 3 sets with 20-30 ”rests. Great for toning abs, legs and buttocks, as well as training balance. 1,5 to 3 minutes of jumping rope with high knees.

  • The cross crunch. Lying on the back, with the right leg bent, foot resting, and the left stretched and tense, a little raised. Left arm on the ground, away from the hip, right hand at the back of the neck, with the elbow open. Now take your head and shoulders off the ground, bend your left knee to your chest and rotate your torso to bring the opposite elbow closer; do not close with your back. Return to the ground without putting your leg back.
    Repeat 15 times, then on the other side. For 3 sets with breaks. Ok for the waist.

How to adjust the size of the jump rope

Take the ends of the rope in your hands and slide the half under your feet, then shorten it until the elbow reaches form a 90 ° angle and your forearm will be perpendicular to your body. This is the ideal size, but it's best to keep it at least 10cm longer to start. Therefore, the garments must reach approximately chest height.

How to choose the right rope: cotton, plastic or leather

Depending on the material of which the jump rope is made, the rotation speed and the level of difficulty vary. The cheap and light cotton ropes are ideal if you are a beginner; they don't spin fast, so they're not good for intense workouts. In addition, they wear out in a short time. Those in pvc are faster, because they bounce when touching the ground. The more expensive and heavier leather models can also be used for the upper body.

No risk with the cordless rope

Fear of tripping, being struck by the rope or damaging furniture and furnishings? Try the cordless models: they are equipped with "appendages" to the knobs, which help you to understand if you correctly synchronize the movements of the hand with the jump. The more sophisticated ropes have a display that shows the number of leaps and calories burned.

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