Jujube berries, here are properties and benefits

Di Valentina Balestri by the Editorial Staff of Science and Knowledge


Autumn has just begun and it's finally time for jujubes.

It is really a pity that the jujube is now one of those plants confined to the world of forgotten fruits: perhaps not everyone knows that jujubes hide within them many beneficial properties that are important for our body, as well as having a unique and tasty flavor.

The "Ziziphus Jujuba”, The botanical name of Giuggiolo, is a centennial plant, very resistant to diseases, which dates back to more than 4000 years ago.

This tree reaches and sometimes exceeds 10 meters in height, withstands temperatures that go well beyond zero (it survives even at -15 ° C) and produces piccole drupe ovoidali reddish tending to brown, with light and sweet pulp.


Properties of Jujube Berries

Jujubes are very energetic fruits, given the high content of soluble carbohydrates.

There are rich in trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and abound in vitamins, including vitamin C. The high percentage of vitamin C (about 70mg in 100g of jujube) strengthens the immune system and prepares the body to win battles against flu , sore throat and cold, typical of this season.

In traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, jujube is considered a real one helper of the mind: inside the fruits i nootropics, substances capable of increasing the transmission of information between neurons through synapses, thus increasing the cognitive and receptive abilities of the human being.

It doesn't end here: i flavonoids contained in Jujube berries help regulate high blood pressure and they have antioxidant properties that keep the body young, fit, and full of energy.

Seeds are also important: in fact known for its use in the treatment of anxiety states, the extract of jujube seeds relieves irritability and calms agitation, returning a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility.




Already in ancient times, Ziziphus Jujuba was grown in many farmhouses and has always been considered a lucky plant.

- usages Jujube berries are many: you can make excellent jams, syrups and sugary liqueurs such as the famous jujube broth.

In this regard, where does the saying "go to jujube broth"?

It is said that, during the Renaissance, for the feasts that the nobles organized, at the end of the banquet a intoxicating liqueur, ideal to accompany cakes and biscuits. This sweetish elixir is truly delicious it gave euphoria and made all the guests jovial. This is why with the expression “to go into jujube soup” we mean to get out of contentment, letting ourselves be carried away by happiness and enthusiasm.



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