Is peanut butter good or bad?

Is peanut butter good or bad?

Peanut butter: what it is and benefits

Il peanut butter comes from roasting and grinding the seeds of the peanut plant. Natural peanuts have numerous properties, but peanut butter does not always maintain its nutritional values.

The benefits of moderate consumption of natural peanuts are:

> energizing: its energy value is very high, it allows to integrate the power supply with very useful calories and protein;

> antioxidant: peanuts contain folate and good fats, able to counteract cellular aging;

protein supplement for those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet, as they can be assimilated to legumes;

> balances the concentration of cholesterol good and bad in blood.


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Peanut butter: be careful which one you use

Peanut Butter it is a very caloric food: this is the first warning to be taken into consideration. In large quantities it can be difficult to digest and lead, combined with other high-calorie foods and an unhealthy lifestyle, to overweight.

Furthermore commercially available peanut butter is particularly sweetened and treated: it is often added with other oils, including the much feared Palm oil, to make it creamier and avoid the natural separation of the fibers from the oily section. Peanut butter is often added with sugar or salt, to make it tastier.

Finally, the storage of the peanuts, as of much of the nuts coming from very distant countries from el country, it can lead to formation of mold and toxins which can particularly affect the liver and kidneys.


Peanut Butter: Is It Good or Bad?

Un moderate use some peanut butter, perhaps not daily and not used too massively over time, can only do well: the body draws the useful nutrients and at the same time has the possibility, if kept healthy, to dispose of any excesses and toxins .

The virtues of peanuts are then more maintained and exploited if the peanut butter at home and using raw materials of certain origin, being very careful not to use peanuts that have defects such as molds or defects in conservation and packaging. This butter is also easy to make at home. 

Un excessive use and reckless of a peanut butter, on the contrary, can be harmful because of its high concentration of fats and calories. Then when the peanut butter is packaged and features other ingredients, the risks of running into a product with poor nutritional value are high.


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