Is it possible to lose weight solely with diet?

    Is it possible to lose weight solely with diet?

    Losing weight solely through diet is what the food industry is based on. But can you really lose the extra pounds just by following a diet and without any kind of physical activity?

    To lose weight you need a calorie deficit that can be created in 2 ways:

    1. By reducing the amount of calories you eat by eating less

    2. Increase the amount of calories you burn with exercise

    The ideal is to combine both methods - eat less and move more. The positive side of burning more calories is the fact that you can achieve a calorie deficit without restricting yourself too much to the table. In this way a better body composition is also achieved. Dieting can help you lose weight, but it can't give you a toned, muscular and strong body. This you can only achieve with training!

    Here are some reasons why exercise is superior to diet when it comes to burning fat:

    1. Exercise makes it easier to achieve a higher calorie deficit.
    2. Exercise increases your metabolism.
    9. Physical activity increases mobility and quality of life as you age.
    10. Exercise helps to maintain the weight achieved.

    Physical activity is important for health, quality of life and for improving body composition. Think for a moment what your body could become by limiting yourself to a diet without any exercise. You would become a fake skinny - a person who weighs little, but has little muscle mass with the last 5 pounds accumulated on their stomach, hips, butt, thighs, and love handles.

    The human body is the only machine in existence that breaks down and breaks down when not in use. Obesity, diseases and aging of the body are consequences of a sedentary life. Calorie restriction alone is an incomplete and wrong approach to a problem that requires a complete lifestyle change to improve health, body composition and achieve lasting results.

    Anyone who is physically able should practice physical activity more or less every day. If you are a healthy person and your body allows it, you should lift weights at least 3 times a week (4-5 times if you are an athlete or bodybuilder) in addition to practicing cardiovascular activity (brisk walking, climbing stairs, aerobics classes , jogging, etc.).

    Health is not a matter of course. There are people who can only dream of being able to run or ride a bike. Keeping on looking for the magic pill that transforms your body is a waste of time because in the end diets only lead to failure. Being fit and healthy is a way of life. To have a strong and muscular body, you have to work hard. Nothing is given for nothing. Much less health.

    Author: Anja Paskulin Personal Coach, Bodybuilding and Fitness Instructor, Food Educator, Athlete.

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