Intuitive people: 10 characteristics that differentiate them

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift ”. These are the words of Albert Einstein, who knew perfectly well the power and importance of intuition. Unfortunately, intuition has been practically relegated to an esoteric level, sacrificed on the altar of rationality. But we are all intuitive people, the intuitive person is the one who has learned to pay attention to the messages of his intuition while others ignore them.

What is intuition?

Antonio Damaso, physician and neurologist, explains what intuition is through the theory of somatic markers. In practice, intuition would be a pre-selection mechanism that takes place below the threshold of our consciousness and is responsible for examining all options and deciding which are the possible paths among which we can consciously choose.

Intuition is a process that allows us to unconsciously evaluate and discard alternatives, based fundamentally on our past experiences and emotions. This is why it is mainly expressed through bodily sensations, some people indicate that they feel it in the stomach or chest. For this reason we are inclined to one opportunity rather than another, but we cannot explain the reason, it is just a hunch or a feeling.

What differentiates intuitive people?

1. They listen to their inner voice. Intuitive people have a special connection with their unconscious, so they can hear the inner voice that others ignore. By dint of paying attention to these intuitions or sensations, they have increasingly “refined” this channel of communication, so that they can better decipher the messages that intuition sends them.

2. They spend time alone. Intuitive people often value loneliness a lot and enjoy the time they spend with themselves. They take advantage of these moments to connect with their emotions and to do a profound exercise of introspection or simply to relax their mind, which is indispensable for intuition to manifest.

3. They listen to their body. Intuitive people have a particular bond with their body, so they are able to capture the signals sent by intuition through sensations such as a "lump in the throat", "little butterflies in the stomach" or any other physical sensation that sends this second brain. . These people feel when something is wrong with their body, they have visceral reactions that they know how to interpret and use in their favor when they decide.

4. They are excellent observers. Intuitive people are often very attentive, they focus on details that others go unnoticed. In fact, one of the secret weapons of intuition is precisely the ability to capture many details, give them meaning and anticipate what might happen. In this way we also discover patterns or coincidences that others do not notice, but which then become the basis for making other decisions in life.

5. They pay attention to their dreams. Dreams are the preferred communication channel of the unconscious. In many cases, the unconscious mind chooses dream fantasies to send us a message that can help us make better decisions. That is why intuitive people pay attention to the content of their dreams and try to decipher them. Of course, all dreams are not messages from the unconscious, but intuitive people are able to differentiate them.

6. They connect emotionally with others. Empathy is one of the secret weapons of intuition. Intuitive people are able to connect with others on a higher level, which allows them to help them or notice that they are going through a bad time.

7. They let go of "negative" emotions. Although intuition can generate unpleasant sensations, intuitive people are able to manage them and not get stuck. In fact, they are aware that emotions such as frustration, anger or resentment stifle intuition. This means that they are usually fully aware of their emotions and know how to handle them wisely.

8. They know how to flow. Intuitive people develop great self-confidence, which helps them cope with adversity with a more relaxed attitude. They not only trust in their abilities to cope with obstacles, but also throughout life. These people know that everything passes, so they learn to flow without difficulty, they do not cling to situations, neither positive nor negative. This wisdom gives them great peace of mind and equanimity which allows them to better deal with setbacks.

9. They show great cognitive flexibility. Intuitive people do not have rigid thinking, they are able to change their mind quickly when they have an intuition. This means that they don't even cling to their decisions, especially when they sense that they are following the wrong path. This cognitive flexibility allows them to correct the plan and achieve better results.

10. They seek the answers within themselves. Intuitive people do not isolate themselves from the world, they take circumstances into account and know when the wind blows in their favor and when not, but they always tend to look within themselves for answers. This means that they make decisions taking into consideration their expectations, illusions and needs. Thus they achieve a balance that allows them to make better decisions.

3 problems that intuitive people encounter

Developing intuition too much can also have "side effects", especially in a world where logic is overestimated and emotions are ignored.

1. I am unable to explain why they made an important decision. Intuitive people often cannot rationally explain why they have made a decision that does not make sense to others. In many cases, the absence of logical arguments can give rise to arguments and problems, especially when others do not understand.

2. They foresee disastrous endings that no one else can see. Intuitive people can foresee disastrous endings, whether in a couple relationship or in a company. Often this certainty is difficult to manage because they can't always share it with other people, or they don't pay attention to them. Being able to capture small details that others do not perceive gives them this special ability that is not always welcome.

3. They capture the negative thoughts and emotions of others.
Intuitive people don't read minds, but their sixth sense often allows them to perceive little extraverbal cues that help them get an idea of ​​what other people are feeling or thinking. Sometimes, noticing that others are faking it without being able to tell them can be extremely frustrating or irritating.

Is it wise to make decisions by being guided by intuition?

“When we make small decisions, it is always beneficial to analyze the pros and cons. However, in vital matters, such as the choice of partner or profession, the decision must come from the unconscious, from a hidden place within us. In the truly important decisions of life, we must let the deep needs of our nature decide ”.

These are the words of Sigmund Freud, who referred to that feeling of right or wrong, of pleasure or visceral rejection, which we feel deeply within us and which we sometimes ignore in order to listen to reason.

In psychology there is what is called "Intuitive Intelligence", which would be our ability to solve problems by being guided by intuition. Indeed, in a series of studies carried out with nurses, doctors and entrepreneurs who had many years of experience, it was found that their first intuition was almost never wrong.

Of course, intuition is not a foolproof mechanism, but it can be very useful when we have to make decisions in a situation where we do not have much information or which is very chaotic. In any case, it is always good to know what our intuition suggests before deciding. So the best thing to do is learn to listen to it.


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