Intimacy is essential in the couple

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Intimacy is essential in the couple

Last update: 21 September, 2018

In the privacy that intimacy offers, some of the most beautiful and most pleasant wishes come true. Imagination, fantasies and anxieties are only confessed in the light of the candle of trust and in an atmosphere free of prejudice.

In a couple, intimacy is a very important aspect. Although it may be thought that this term refers only to the sexual sphere, in reality it implies other issues, such as trust, complicity or knowing what the other wants..

On this occasion, we will focus on the sexual routine, on what happens in the bedroom (or in any other room in the house, because we know that passion has no time or place). If you want to improve intimacy with your partner, perhaps it is time to put in a little effort to achieve this.

Remember that the first condition sine qua non is that both people involved in the relationship agree on the need to make changes to improve the relationship.. If one of the two does not feel the desire at a certain moment, he is very tired or that day he prefers to do something else, perhaps we must wait to reach a harmony both.

Intimacy in sex has to do with different aspects, from pleasure to the feelings of the other to the way one feels at that moment.. It's not about what a man or woman likes, but about finding a meeting point where they both feel good.

To improve intimacy in the couple, one of the fundamental steps is to pay attention to what you are feeling and, at the same time, to be interested in what the other person is feeling.. Do you think it is impossible? Of course not!

Improve intimacy with your partner

As they say, it is one thing to make love, another is to have sex and the same distinction applies to passion and romance. Both are very important aspects for the couple and enhance the intimate experience.

Eye contact during intercourse is essential to increase the level of complicity and also to know what the other person is feeling. If you usually close your eyes for more pleasure, you are missing out on one vital thing: watching your partner. You don't have to do it all the time, but you have to find a balance.

Remember that intercourse is a perfect way to find a connection with the person you have chosen.

Perhaps in those moments touch is the most important sense, but there are others, such as sight, hearing, smell and even taste, which can often increase arousal and pleasure in a way never experienced before..

Thus, intimacy is not only a place to have sex, but also a place to talk about it. If you talk about anything with your partner, why not talk about sex?

No one has the power to read other people's minds and there are things that, if not put into words, will never be communicated. On many occasions the partner would be happy to please you, he wants to, but it will be difficult for him to do so if you do not take advantage of the intimacy to make communication possible..

Isn't that a pity?

On the other hand, some people feel more ashamed to look into their partner's eyes during intimacy than to take off their clothes, it is as if in this way they feel really exposed and fragile. A fragility that for whatever reason triggers fear.

Overcoming this feeling can result in wonderful communication where you allow reality and your partner to give you so much more than you thought.

Many times, unwittingly, we ourselves put the chains on our pleasure.

Since we are addressing the issue of fear and insecurity, one of the ways to increase intimacy with your partner is to allow them to "see you". It is especially women who have complexes about their body, so they ask to turn off the light or avoid positions that could make them feel more vulnerable..

Like any other aspect of the couple relationship needs to be deepened to strengthen, the same goes for the sexual sphere. This growth process goes through intimacy, which in turn goes through trust.

A trust that, like the best dishes, needs a lot of time and we don't always give it to it. It is an investment that we often despise or that we expect to develop on its own, when in reality it is impossible for it to happen if it is the last of our priorities.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with planning intimate moments. This must be the practice when there is an awareness that they cannot occur spontaneously.

The best thing of all is that your everyday life will benefit a lot because, as we have anticipated, the intimacy in the couple does not only have to do with the sexual sphere, it also means getting to know each other, understanding what the other is. person desires, please him and let him satisfy you, as well as seek (and find) what pleases and pleases both of you.

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