Intimacy in the couple

Intimacy in the couple

Although it may seem strange, it is sometimes difficult to achieve intimacy in the couple, as it involves exposing our vulnerable part.

Intimacy in the couple

Last update: April 02, 2022

Intimacy in the couple is extremely important. While it may be thought to be limited to the sexual context, it also involves other dimensions such as trust, complicity or empathy.

On this occasion we will focus on the sexual sphere, on what happens under the sheets (or everywhere in the house, we already know that as far as passion is concerned there is no space or time). If you want to improve intimacy with your partner, it might be a good time to put in a little effort.

Remember that as a first condition sine qua non both must agree on the need for a change to improve the relationship. If one of the two does not feel the desire at a certain moment, he is very tired or he prefers to do something else, we will have to wait to be in tune.

Intimacy in the couple is possible by achieving a balance between one's own desires and those of others. To improve intimacy in the couple, one of the indisputable steps is to evaluate how one is and, at the same time, take care of the other. Do you think it is impossible? Obviously not!

Improve intimacy with your partner

We could say that making love and having sex are not synonymous, but also that it is advisable to alternate passion and romance. It is very good for the couple and enhances the intimate experience.

Eye contact during the sexual encounter is important to increase complicity and also to understand how the other is doing. If we usually close our eyes to feel more pleasure, something vital is missing: observing the partner. It's not about doing it all the time, but about finding a balance.

Perhaps in these moments touch is the most important sense, but also sight, hearing, smell or even taste at certain times they can give us emotions and pleasures never experienced before.

"My opinion when it comes to pleasure is that you have to use all your senses."

-Marquis de Sade-

In other words, intimacy is not only synonymous with having sex, but also talking about it. If we talk about everything with your partner, why not talk about sex?

No one has the power to read anyone's mind and on many occasions the partner will be happy to accommodate our requests. We will not be able to increase the richness of intimacy if communication is ineffective.

Isn't that a penalty?

Some people feel more embarrassed to look into each other's eyes than to take off their clothes, it is as if in this way they feel truly exposed and fragile. A fragility that, for whatever reason, is scary.

Overcoming this feeling can guarantee wonderful communication in which the partner is given the opportunity to satisfy us and vice versa.

“Some of the most beautiful and pleasant wishes come true in the refuge that offers intimacy. Wishes that can only be confessed under the light of the candle of trust and the protection offered by the security that we will not be judged. "

Many times it is we who, involuntarily, put chains on our pleasure with our fears and insecurities. To increase intimacy with your partner, you need to allow them to "see us".

Especially the women they are often unsure of their bodies and they don't want to leave the light on or choose certain positions where they feel most vulnerable.

As in other areas, growth is also necessary in this case. This growth comes through intimacy, which in turn is possible thanks to trust.

A trust that needs time that we don't always grant it. An investment that we often ignore or hope to come naturally, but it is impossible if it is the last of our priorities. There is nothing wrong with planning intimate moments as a couple.

Increasing intimacy in the couple is good

Fostering intimacy will have a positive impact on daily life, since the intimacy in the couple is not only about the sexual sphere.

It also means getting to know each other, knowing what your partner wants, pleasing him and speaking freely. In addition to looking for (and finding) what we both like.

Many people find it harder to look their partner in the eye and open up emotionally than to undress and have intercourse. Emotionally undressing is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

Perhaps the thought of being rejected affects us. If we emotionally open up to the partner, this will positively affect the quality of sexual relations.

Remember that sex is a perfect way to connect with the person we have chosen.

Sex is not just physical contact, it is also a mental act. The more relationships we have with our partner, the more fun we will have. Undressing, emotionally and physically, can be a perfect combination to spend time with passion, intimacy and complicity.

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