Intelligence: Can it be trained?

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Louise Hay

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For many years it was believed that theintelligence it was an innate ability, something like a gift that
you have it or not. The possibility of improvement was not contemplated e
to develop. However, several researches have been carried out in recent years
which show that intelligence, like any other ability, can
to develop.

In fact, for some time now, Psychology has stopped
to consider intelligence as a unique category and now it is referenced
toIntelligence Fluida andIntelligence Crystallized,
the latter implies a whole series of information that we have stored
over time and how we use the skills learned. Intelligence is known to crystallize normally
it grows to the same extent as we age while that intelligence flows
it reaches its maximum splendor during the university years to decrease therefore
gradually. However, a study carried out in 2008 by the University
of Maryland, showed that people who underwent a
very simple training based in a computer game, they showed a
substantial improvement in their cognitive ability, precisely in intelligence
fluid: the ability to solve new problems, learn, reason, see
connections and to get to the bottom of things. Obviously, there is no shortage of detractors, who continue
stating that fluid intelligence cannot develop during life.
These psychologists argue that to the same extent as one gets older,
we choose to use the solutions that exist more and more frequently
have been useful in the past and we do not attempt to look for new alternatives. At the
at the same time, knowledge of the world and of logical relations acts as a
barrier preventing us from seeing new connections between things. Anyway, it is certain that if we do some curiosity
a model of life, we will have great chances of finding new relationships between
things, be more creative and ultimately increase our fluid intelligence.
Actually, we don't need Nintendo e to train intelligence
not even a special coach, but only the right motivation and
find a fun way to do it.
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