Inner peace begins when you don't let yourself be managed by others

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Inner peace begins when you don't let yourself be managed by others

Last update: 06 September, 2016

Your inner peace will begin on the same day that you no longer allow others to manage you. When your emotions cannot be manipulated based on unhealthy beliefs and the needs of third parties.

That feeling of peace is the clear sign that we have taken the right direction. It is an evident proof thanks to which we will have the guarantee of enjoying a good physical and mental balance.

We must therefore know how to manage the expectations we have about ourselves, avoid reacting in the face of offenses and provocations in order to avoid being angry or vain.

When we live in submission to what others expect or seek in us, we prioritize the choices of others and do not listen to our true needs.

For this reason, it is essential to make decisions alone, because only that leap in the dark can fill us with peace and generate large doses of courage, responsibility and emotional well-being.

"I have to be calm to accept the things I cannot change, courageous and enthusiastic to change the ones I can change and wise enough to distinguish between what I can do and what I cannot do."

(Reinhold Niebuhr)

Be selective with your battles

Be selective with your battles, because Sometimes having peace is more important than being right. Your inner peace is non-negotiable and it depends only on you and your fidelity to your alter ego, the same one that makes itself felt when you ask yourself whether or not to fulfill the needs of others.

Although when you say "enough" you have to listen to your heart, once you have made the decision to free yourself from the pressure imposed on you by the people who want to manage you, you must be responsible and take back the helm that can guide you triumphantly through fears. For this purpose, you must keep in mind that:

  • It is not easy to manage uncertainty.
  • Any process of change involves a certain level of malaise that you have to tolerate.
  • Every decision must be made with integrity.
  • You must know that by opening a door, you may find yourself in front of many paths, and perhaps you will have to walk several of them in the search for your inner peace.
  • It's always good to leave people who hurt you behind. However, there is another issue to consider: physical and emotional distance. Sometimes, the physical one, which in principle would be sufficient, is impossible to achieve; therefore you have to carry out a great inner exercise.

“Everyone tells you what to do and what's best for you. Nobody lets you find the answers on your own, they want you to take what they give them as true. "

"Let me guess, you want me to believe yours."

“No, I want you to stop collecting information from the outside and start receiving it from within you. People are afraid of what you have inside, even if it is really the only place where they would find what they need. "

- The way of the warrior -

Those who cultivate inner peace convey tranquility

Those who cultivate their inner peace transmit tranquility to the rest of the world. Because? Because the mind is like water: when it is calm it reflects the beauty of what surrounds it. However, when she is agitated, it does not matter what she has in front of her: she will not be able to reflect it.

And the same thing happens to us humans: we cannot educate our children well if we have lost temperance along the way. We cannot even lead a healthy life or relate properly to others if there is a storm in our mind.

For this reason, it is very important to remember that inner peace is one of the greatest riches that can be possessed. This does not mean that we have to endure everything with infinite patience until it explodes: the trick is to annihilate external expectations and to respect what we want.

By satisfying our wishes and leaving aside what weighs on us, we will achieve the much desired inner peace. Remember that self-love has a limit called dignity and you cannot admit mistakes on it. No one is important enough to be able to afford to embitter your life.

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