Initiative: how to achieve what we want with the help of popular wisdom

Popular wisdom does not need many words to express itself, perhaps it is precisely for this reason that many of his teachings are sometimes more appropriate than any essay on Psychology. I would like to begin this reflection on the value of the initiative with a very simple dialogue that took place between a journalist and Onassis, the world-famous Greek multimillionaire: - What is the secret of his success? - Do you see this lamp? - Asks Onassis - Yes - the astonished journalist replies - I have seen her before - This is how this man summarizes his formula for success:initiative. And without a doubt theinitiative it plays an essential role in achieving the goals we set ourselves during our life. A person with initiative is the one who does the right thing at the right moment without anyone suggesting it. Initiative is the tendency to act, to discover and above all to seek opportunities to innovate and change without ever taking into consideration thoughts such as: "I can't" or "we can't". As we well know, there is also the saying: “when luck knocks on your door, you need to be there and let it in”. In other words, the key to success (luck, as some call it) lies in knowing how to wait for the precise juncture in which to take theinitiative. Einstein meant that: "no theory that does not appear totally absurd at first is worth considering". Taking the initiative therefore means throwing oneself a little into the void, towards the unknown and taking the risks. Starting a work project, a couple relationship, a new course ... always presupposes a certain degree of uncertainty but it is the only way to set out towards a truly important goal in our life. Sitting in the shade of the tree of other people's talent waiting for them to push or drag us to carry out any project that is not ours is highly frustrating, at least for me. I always prefer to take my share of the risk. I have already had occasion to say that one of our main enemies is postponement. When we postpone the realization of an idea, which is good here and now, for fear of failure, we are giving up theinitiative to the others. If we don't start, we have no way to reach our destination. However, theinitiative without the perseverance very often it is totally counterproductive and only serves to waste our strength in an attempt that will remain only a good idea. Probably the most current example is the Internet, which some call the graveyard of websites, given that the possibility that everyone has of being able to carve out their own space with little expense and little effort generates many new entrepreneurs every day who open new spaces destined for shortly. to be abandoned, many people with initiative but without perseverance. Most websites are abandoned in the fourth month after their creation because their creators are not sufficiently patient, persevering, or perhaps simply because they do not like what they do. So let's summarize three essential ideas that will facilitate the path towards the realization of our goals: - If you have a solution or an idea that seems excellent and suitable for the moment you are living, put it into practice, do not wait for tomorrow. - You did not wait for the majority to approve your ideas or behaviors, it could be months or years before you are able to make some allies. Putting a theory into practice is the best way to prove it and convince others of its effectiveness. - Taking the initiative does not convert you into a selfish or careerist person but rather into a creative and self-confident person. But always a person who respects the rights of others. - We end this reflection with a sentence from Thomas Alba Edison: “If we all did only the things we are capable of doing, we would surprise ourselves”. So ... why don't we decide to take the initiative?
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