In love you have to be brave

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In love you have to be brave

Last update: 03 November 2015

“The world is being destroyed

And we fall in love "


We are immersed in an age of change, in which human beings seem not to be connected to each other. They walk with their heads down, focused on their cell phones, doing unsatisfactory jobs and rushing around in a hurry. However, there is something beautiful and timeless that can change their lives in a radical way: love.

Although at many times of the day love is forgotten or postponed due to "more important business" to be done, we cannot help but savor it, feel it, be impregnated with it.

There are many types of love; however, the love of couple remains one of the greatest desires of people, even if someone tries to deny it or forget it.

For this reason, it is good to talk about those couples who decide to come together and fall in love, despite the fact that there are various voices that, in the background, tell them “Don't do it! You don't know what risks you run into! ”.

What risks are we talking about?

Isn't it a risk to live closed in on oneself? Most people do their utmost in this. Why give up something that would ignite our hearts with passion and give peace to our spirit?

“Before you talked about the fact that, after years, a couple begins to" hate "each other because everyone already knows by heart all the reactions of the other or has had enough of his habits, I think for me it would be the opposite. I think I will really fall in love when I know everything about my partner: how he will style his hair, what shirt he will wear, what story he will tell. That will be the moment when I will know that I am really in love ”. (Before sunrise)

The duration of love is nowhere written, nor its components and circumstances. Intimate love fulfills a specific function in our hearts.

In intimate love, we get naked, we express our daily problems, which are listened to accompanied by caresses and calmed with a kiss. In intimate love there is an encounter not only between two people, but also between two souls.

Desire manifests itself through the gaze, passion ignites with a kiss. Intimate love is the confluence of two worlds.

Romanticism is that aura of eternal mystery that we never want to stop. We would like it to last with that special person, the only one who makes us feel better, the only one we look at with desire, respect and affection.

“I love you when you are cold and it is 21 degrees outside; I love you when it takes you an hour to choose a sandwich; the little wrinkle that forms on your forehead drives me crazy when you look at me as if I were crazy; I love you when, after spending the whole day with you, my clothes are impregnated with your perfume; I want you to be the last person I talk to before falling asleep ”.

(Harry ti presento Sally)

Some lovers have to face the distance and are tested from a fate that seems to be raging against them.

Others are faced with rumors, opinions and malicious gossip. However, the biggest conflict is with ourselves: only when we know ourselves and love each other, our love is sincere.

Although you see everything collapsing around you and you feel alone and in difficulty, you must understand that great love stories are different from each other, but they all have a common denominator: the courage to believe in them and to fight for them.

True lovers remain united because their hearts know reasons that reason and society do not even imagine.

You, brave and passionate lovers, do not be afraid: you are the inspirers of great love stories and great challenges.

Remember that not everything will be perfect, but it will be authentic.

"The greatest thing you can learn is to love and be loved"

(Red Mill)

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