In love, distance and time are relative

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In love, distance and time are relative

Last update: February 15, 2016

There is no distance that cannot be resolved, it is enough to believe that the earth is the size of our hands every time we look at it, and then we feel close. We wish we could understand what the distance between us means just by looking at our hands.

There is no distance that cannot be covered, unless we reduce the word Love to five simple letters. Remember that my love. Also remember that the concept of time does not bother me, when I look at my present and see a past that asks me for a future. I am able to manipulate time, stop it in a caress and see it again when I need it.

You are my unit of time

Our time will always be relative, as is the distance between us: both measure the desire to meet again and you are my unit of time. The great Mario Benedetti said that "they are more than enough to dream a whole life" and he was not wrong: the time and the kilometers of distance that separate us can be reduced if we wish it with all our strength.

A few months ago, a friend told me something I hadn't understood until now; she said that melancholy about something we lack can be precious, and that feeling what we want to experience is the goal of any life aspirant.

He also told me not to be afraid of what might happen, because love can almost anything and why, if I began to be afraid, I would end up living and longing for the past. Between the lines of what my friend told me was the following message: I must savor what you and I have together, even if we are very far away, because the present is the only time we can manipulate.

“It makes me sad to look at these things, to love these things, to put these things away. It makes me sad to dream of looking for them, of looking for myself, and learning that a dream cannot be dreamed again ”.

(Joseph Iron)

Distance won't exist as long as you keep looking at me

Now that I understand my friend's words, I manipulate my present and appreciate what I have. I try to keep my relationships at a distance from day to day, because it's worth it, even if they cost more effort. Now I understand that the concept of distance is perfectly explained by Julio Cortázar's phrase: “Only we know how to be together from afar”.


One by one

All the seconds you stay in my bed

In order for the clock to stay on our side;

Let's say goodbyes

half a world tour

So, even if we are late,

We will want to do it again ”.

(Elvira Tailor)

There is no distance when two bodies want to keep looking at each other. There is no distance when I feel you here beside me even without seeing you, when a smile from the last time I saw you serves me to cling to the memory, until the next smile.

There is no distance when, every time I feel cold, I think of your hug and I have the certainty that you are giving it to me even without doing it. The distance is minimal when you are convinced you can win it.

When love overcomes cities, seas and airports

It is true that distance can affect and ruin many relationships and that things are not as easy as they seem. Being away when you would like to be close is very challenging, but remember that the real problems arise when the opposite situation arises: when you are close, but you feel distant. Overcoming the distance means strengthening the bond of trust and the relationship, it means becoming stronger together.

“I invited the distance to have a drink. But only one: I don't want to eliminate it, just entertain it ”.

(Nerea Delgado)

Trust, sincerity, and communication are key to maintaining a long-distance relationship. In other words, the will is not always sufficient, but it is indispensable. In order for distance to be no excuse to justify a relationship that has been lost in the middle of the fireplace, it takes a lot of effort, a lot of desire and, above all, a very strong feeling.

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