In life you have to leave footprints, not scars

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In life you have to leave footprints, not scars

Last update: April 11, 2016

There is a big difference between leaving an imprint and a scar. The former are indelible signs that we carry with pride on our skin or in our memory, as they bring back memories of love, friendship and growth.

On the contrary, the scars originate in pain and suffering, they are related to the wounds caused by abandonment, humiliation, envy, unwanted or unjust loneliness. They are those signs that we do not want to have and that are there to remind us of a pain that we did not want to feel.

For this reason, it is important to direct each of your actions towards what is good and right. The quality and warmth of emotions must in fact become two of the priorities on which to base one's way of relating with others.

The scars are important, they must be displayed with pride

Once broken, we are indestructible. The positive aspect of hitting the bottom is that there is no longer anything that can hold us back, there are no external forces to guide us and the uncertainty of what can happen to us disappears. There is only one option left: to react instinctively and go back up.

Sometimes getting hurt is inevitable. Indeed, sometimes it is important to face the evil of life, to find out what it means to play with fire, to see that knife hitting everything and everyone and to get close to it to the point of being cut.

It is not easy to understand, but all of this is part of life. Wounds are not always negative, they sometimes make us wise and allow us to embrace the meaning of life.

Making a learning out of every scar

The learning leaves an imprint, regardless of what the teaching method was. This is important, because depending on how we look at what has hurt us, the consideration we have towards it can change.

In other words, looking at the sun at noon and unprotected is not the same as looking at it at sunset while wearing a pair of glasses. It is good to be aware that sometimes thinking about your wounds with rancor and fear only magnifies them.

For this very reason, the best time to look back is not when you feel most vulnerable. For example, if your partner doesn't treat you the way you want, maybe you shouldn't immediately think about the time he was unfaithful to you.

It is therefore a question of respecting rhythms and times, of not being masochistic, of trying to heal wounds at the right time and not when the context makes us prone to feel that pain again.  

Each person who passes through our life is unique. He always leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us.

There will be those who have taken a lot, but there will never be those who have left nothing.

This is clear proof that two souls never meet by chance.

Jorge Luis Borges


On the other hand, there are people, situations and places that leave an indelible mark on our essence, that offer us the opportunity to take command of our present by healing our past and our future.

This must be the only goal of each of us: to leave an imprint and promote healing from that inevitable pain. This will be our best anchor, the one that will fill all that surrounds us with wonderful meanings.

It is important not to brand yourself without a reason, but to do it with tact, sweetness and kindness. By doing so, we will ensure the creation of conflict-free bonds, and of course, memories based on harmony, well-being and happiness, which arise from having at your side people made of "unforgettable steel".

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