In life, cultivate humility

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In life, cultivate humility

Last update: 17 November 2015

"When we are great in humility, we are closer to what is great"

– Rabindranath Tagore –

Throughout the centuries, being humble has always been considered a virtue.

Today, it continues to have great value and we realize it when, for example, the leaders of a country want to review and improve various political aspects or with the people with whom we relate day after day, in a more intimate way.


Humility is not simplicity,

but simplicity in size.

Nevertheless, success changes some people and corrupts those qualities that have made them popular.

We must therefore ask ourselves what are the characteristics that define humble people, and not only when they find themselves in a difficult situation, but also when they achieve various victories and start living a more privileged life.

What are the characteristics of humble people?

- One of the main features is the fact that it is about people who they work hard in a certain aspect of their life.

- They are not looking for success o la fame but glory and talent that will lead them to achieve their goals, and it does not matter if as sculptors, as housewives or as doctors.

- They want to improve the lives of others without bragging about it, they focus on the process rather than the outcome, being receptive to possible changes along the way.

- There is no imposition in their indications, requests or orders, but an authority open to criticism and advice to improve.

- They listen to others with interest, without despising opinions on the basis of who formulated them, whether it is a craftsman or a politician.

- They consider every idea interesting to understand a concrete topic or feed on a point of view more suited to the reality that surrounds them.

- They are "allergic" to the exaltation of power, because besides the fact that they do not care, I am of the opinion that their reward is implied in a job well done and not found in public recognition.

- They greet, chat and say goodbye. For them, kindness is not just courtesy, but an expression of good manners and communication with those around them.

- They do not make judgments lightly and they are empathic. They think that, sometimes, stories are more important in changing the world than rules.

- They perform small actions every day to make life easier for others, without even letting them know what they did. Their way of doing things is a natural, simple and honest flow.

- They are congruent with their private life and political views they claim. Hypocrisy is not part of their code of conduct.

- They don't consider it very important to reach a very high step, but rather to find a way to keep oneself on a step, even if it is “lower”, but still carrying out a worthy and useful activity.

What are the characteristics of non-humble people?

- These are arrogant people, without self-critical thoughts and adopting an air of moral, intellectual or economic superiority. Relationships with these people are very strained.

- They do not exchange opinions with others in order to get rich. They think that the only way to impose one's point of view is to avoid the opinions of others, ridicule others and even intimidate them.

- They do not listen. They take advantage of it to share life lessons and advice which, if followed by others, will benefit themselves.

- Their obsession with power and success, for having to please others, is often the cause of a little elaborate way of coping with work and of overcoming the small difficulties necessary to improve it.

- On the emotional level, they have the fixed idea that, in order to have a happy life in this area, it is a fundamental condition show others your happiness, as if it were a trophy. This can bring the individual and those around him to one feeling of emptiness and a loss of the true sense of relationships and daily intimacy.

We advise you to cultivate humility, not to be afraid of being insignificant. You will have a greater impact than you think and more spiritual tranquility.

"If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito running around the room."

Anita Roddick

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