In a world where nothing is certain, everything is possible

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In a world where nothing is certain, everything is possible

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Last update: 15 November 2021

We come to this world with the innocence of someone who knows nothing and expects everything. Our parents are those who guide us more or less correctly in the first moments of life; and the future appears almost perfect before our eyes: painted in a thousand colors and luxuriant.

However, as we grow, part of this spell breaks. The first disappointments arrive and we understand what it means to become adults. Nobody offers anything for nothing, and no one assures us that we will always be happy.

The world turns its old wheel of time and distributes his lot to each one. There are those who believe that everyone's destiny has already been prepared, as if it had just come out of a factory, but this is not the case. In this complicated life, if we believe it, if we hope, if we have self-confidence and courage, anything is possible, anything can happen.

There are those who walk the path of their life taking care not to go off the rails created by others. The tracks represent the model with which we have been educated, the need to meet certain expectations, not to deceive, not to disrespect other people.

Sometimes we just live pre-packaged lives from others, as we feel safer in this way. However, no one can be happy if he wears strange chains, if he lives the life that others have designed for him. For this, it is important to remember that everything is possible if we allow it. Today we invite you to reflect on it.

Anything is possible for those who are free from inner battles

Each of you has your own personal story. Perhaps, at this point in your life, you have written more than one chapter about disappointments, failures, and even betrayals.

You are aware of all the battles you have fought and the shapes that your inner scars have. However, only those who will be able to accept them, instead of bearing the burden, will allow themselves to experience new opportunities; that's where everything is possible.

One could say that second chances exist only for those who believe in them. All those who close their hearts with the seal of bitterness and resentment, on the other hand, are limiting their personal growth and excluding the opportunity to be happy again.

Begin to trust yourself again

The world is complicated; it is to the point that every now and then it is really unfair. However, you must not make the mistake of placing the responsibility for everything that happens to you on phantom external wills that shape your destiny.

  • The world can be complicated, but you are solely responsible for weaving the mantle of your life.
  • After all the chaos and disappointments you have experienced, it is very likely that at some point you will stop believing in yourself.
  • People stop believing in their abilities and fortitude when their thoughts turn into noise, into out-of-tune music loaded with negative emotions.

How can you re-harmonize these thoughts? By changing your attitude, avoiding this limiting conduct and this negative charge, gaining awareness of yourself.

You are having a difficult time. But you are not your pain, you do not deserve to live constantly in a world of disappointment and bitterness. Feed new hope, open doors within you and you will find the key that will allow you to break down the outer walls.

Living better in a complicated world

We have a lot of responsibilities to respect, goals to achieve, people to please and needs to satisfy. Sometimes our life is so complicated that we lose the right direction and our inner balance.

In the constant noise of everyday life, our essence, the spontaneity of our being, loses sharpness. We have to learn to set our priorities… And we are the top priority.

It is necessary never to forget this very important principle: if we are not well, our world cannot function well. Not only that: we will not even be able to make others happy. In this world, everything is possible if we are in balance with our essence, with our values ​​and with our emotions.

  • Life must flow harmoniously in your daily life, so that everything is in the right place.
  • Nobody has to impose on you something you don't want; any injury to your self-esteem would immediately break the synergy everyone should enjoy.
  • Treat yourself to what you need. Sometimes it is necessary to put aside what we feel we need to do to make room for what we deserve. You may feel hurt today, but remember: you deserve much more than this daily suffering. You deserve to hope and be yourself every day of your life.

In this complicated, rebellious and chaotic existence, we always need an inner balance, according to which the world is under our control. Remember that anything is possible if you believe it is.

Images courtesy of Anne Julle-Aubry

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