Improving the life of a couple in quarantine

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Improving the life of a couple in quarantine

In these days of quarantine, cohabitation with the partner can be disrupted. Today we tell you how to improve the couple's life during the quarantine.

Last update: May 21, 2022

Living with your partner can be difficult, especially in some situations. Sometimes, when one or both of them are going through a stressful period or there is a change in the couple's routine, the relationship can suffer. It is for this reason that we will give you a series of tips to improve the couple's life during quarantine.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are experiencing an exceptional situation: we have to stay at home for a period of time whose end is unknown. This situation has developed unexpectedly and many people are not prepared to deal with it.

The uncertainty of forcibly spending a lot of time together can cause some problems. However, even if we are in exceptional conditions, the ideal is to strengthen the coexistence strategies that would still be recommended at any other time.

Quarantine in pairs

In addition to the usual problems that can occur during cohabitation, in this quarantine one of the aspects to be taken into greater consideration is the physical space available.

Couples who live in a large house probably won't have the same problems as those who live in a small apartment. Living in a smaller house can increase the feeling of being trapped, complicating stress management.

Many couples also have or will have financial problems. Under the circumstances, many are losing their jobs or earning much less. Economic worries are always a source of unease which, added to the general distress, consumes many mental and emotional resources.

Another problem that can affect the couple during the quarantine is the sexual life. Many argue that this situation will lead to an increase in births, others, on the contrary, speculate that the sex life of couples will be shortened.

On the one hand, the fear of contagion can lead to physical distancing, as well as an insufficiently relaxed mental disposition to engage in sexual intercourse. On the other hand, there may not be the conditions to enjoy a peaceful intimacy given the presence of children or other family members to take care of.

Tips to improve the couple's life during the quarantine

First of all, you must try not to change your routine any more than it already has. It is important, as far as possible, to continue to carry out the same activities, together or separately.

In the same way, the secret to improving the life of a couple in quarantine lies in staying organized, having patience and being flexible. If you add a good predisposition to this, there should be no problem.

Be pragmatic

Should any problem arise, you must remain calm and find a way to resolve it. It's time to be pragmatic. It won't help you blame your partner, instead you have to try to deal with problems together.

If something about your partner is bothering you, you need to communicate it politely and without waiting long.

Be tolerant

Never as in these moments, you have to accept the fact that the partner is not perfect, that mistakes can be made and that you are not always right. If problems arise, you have to take your share of responsibility and, above all, apologize to your partner trying not to repeat the same mistake.

How to improve the couple's life during quarantine: take care of communication

It is important, as well as rewarding, to find time to talk within the day. This way you will know how your partner feels and how he is experiencing this new situation.

Only in this way is it possible to help each other in these difficult times. In addition to this, you can take advantage of the situation to talk about topics you don't usually deal with. And you can also find out about the partner you didn't know yet. You will surely find something!

Spending time alone

In a relationship it is essential that each person have their own space and maintain their individual ego. If you do something yourself that you enjoy and enjoy yourself, when you see your partner again, you will be more relaxed and have something to share.

In quarantine, one option might be to spend time in separate rooms or take turns spending hours alone in one area of ​​the house.

This is the perfect time to unplug. You can read, talk to other people on the phone or just relax.

Have daily routines

When you spend time together, it helps to have some common habits. This brings people together and allows them to have intimate conversations and moments that are impossible on other occasions.

Given the current circumstances, therefore, the couple can choose to go to bed at the same time or decide a time of day to do something together (watching a movie, preparing food, etc.).

How to improve couple's life during quarantine: keep the spark alight

An effort must be made to create and maintain a pleasant climate. Stay cheerful, smile and take care of your partner. The forced quarantine routine could deteriorate relationships, but if you put in a little effort, this period will pass more easily.

Try to show the appreciation, affection and attraction you feel towards your partner every day. For this purpose it is essential, and can also be fun, to compliment your partner, surprise him / her with a hug, a kiss or flirt with him / her.

How much everything will end ...

When the infected begin to decrease, slowly we will return to normal and we will change our routine. Improving the couple's life during quarantine, you will need it to implement strategies that will help strengthen the bond even after this unpleasant period.

Undoubtedly, facing extreme situations leaves no one indifferent and causes changes in each of us. This period can be a golden opportunity to improve the relationship and appreciate what was lost during the quarantine period.

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