Improving Memory: Five Useful Strategies

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La the memory it is one of the most precious things we own. Thanks to
memory we can solve everyday problems and difficulties but we can
also remember who we are and who are the really important people in ours
life. For this reason it is not unusual that one of the main concerns
of people is to find effective strategies to improve

There are actually many
strategies to improve memory, it is also possible to follow programs
complete with training in order to enhance our short memory or
the long-term one. However, there are some much simpler strategies
that can be put into practice daily and that over time there
will help you remember better. 1. Write about everyday problems. Writing is a complex activity that requires the activation of memory
of work, precisely the one that helps us plan and solve the
problems. In 2008, Japanese researchers brought together a total of 104
volunteers in one of their experiments, and came to the conclusion that if we sit down
to write for just 20 minutes, a few times a month, within five
weeks we will already realize how well our working memory is working
better. 2. Contemplate natural landscapes. Nature a
sometimes it has a magical touch and one of the benefits it seems to offer is
just to improve our memory by 20%. Sometimes it's not even
necessary to go outside but just relax while looking at photographs
of natural landscapes. 3. Express things aloud. If you wish
remember something, one of the best strategies to do this is to
repeat them aloud. A recent study by McLeod, has
shown that memories improve by 10% when we simply express a
loud voice what we wish to remember. 4. Predict your performance. Wondering whether or not we will be able to remember something already has in itself
a positive effect on memory. Meier proved that the simple fact of
measure a performance and reflect on our ability to remember
something, it can improve our memory by up to 50%. 5. Use your body to memorize. An interesting experiment carried out in 2009 showed that the
students learning a new language memorize twice as many words
when they make gestures with the hands that accompany them. Likewise, one
of the oldest tricks to remember, is to repeat all the actions you do
we have achieved. Our brains memorize and remember more
ease when the body is involved in the whole process. Finally, you have to accept that you don't
no matter how bad our memory is, there is always room for
improve it. Indeed, several scientific experiments have determined that the
short-term memory is linked to the number 7: that is, that we can normally remember
and manage more or less 7 different memories at the same time. Either way, it is
also shown that thanks to adequate training it is possible to get to
manage also 79.
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