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Improve the quality of rest

How to renovate the bedroom to improve sleep quality? We give you some suggestions.

Last update: 11 September, 2020

The psychology of color explains to us how much aesthetics can influence the psyche and rest. The furniture, on the other hand, allows us to play with light and dark and adapt them to our needs. Sometimes you just need to leave room for imagination and creativity for make the most of the bedroom and improve the quality of sleep.  

In Spain, about 13 million people suffer from sleep disorders, with insomnia in the first place. Many are therefore continuously looking for strategies for relaxation and sleep induction.

Rest is influenced by a number of psychological and behavioral, but also environmental factors. For this reason today we want to turn attention to the way in which the environment acts on the cells responsible for inducing sleep. We will also give you some advice on how to furnish the bedroom in order to promote rest.

Among the most common sleep disorders are insomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome. In both cases there is a change in the homeostasis of the body that hinders rest. Among the main causes we find stress, bad habits or interaction with displays before bedtime.

Color, humidity, temperature, space and order are factors on which we can intervene to sleep better.

Colors that promote rest

Colors undoubtedly have an influence on the emotional brain. The German psychologist Eva Heller, in her essay on the psychology of color, lists the shades that bring greater harmony, therefore benefits on sleep.

Among these we find pure colors, including white, which give brightness and at the same time create a neutral and purifying environment. Even the colors reminiscent of nature, such as green-grass, brown-earth, blue-sea, lavender, stone gray are ideal to combine with a neutral color such as white and create a pleasant environment.

Light, faithful friend of rest

The light is picked up by the cones and rods of the eye, cells in charge of communicating to the brain that a new cycle is starting and, therefore, that it is necessary to remain active and awake. Here because we must limit our exposure to bright colors before going to bed.

The intense blue light stimulates the photoreceptors, negatively affecting the production of melatonin, which is responsible for inducing sleep. Conversely, a soft amber light can be of great help.

Pleasant temperature to relax

The temperature in the bedroom should be lower than our body heat; It is known that at night the body temperature usually drops by one degree. The ideal bedroom temperature should be around 20 ° C.

Feng Shui: harmony in the bedroom to improve the quality of rest

Alsol Feng Shui can help calm stress. If up to this point we have talked about external factors, this philosophy helps our spirit to enter a state conducive to sleep.

The importance of optimal natural light and a large, uncluttered space will need to be taken into account. At the same time, Feng Sui focuses on materials that instill stability, such as wood or metal. As for the colors, however, he recommends lightness.

Ideas for decorating the bedroom and improving the quality of sleep

How to furnish the bedroom in an ideal way? Taking into account what we have said so far, we have a basis from which to start.

We can improve the quality of our sleep by practicing the psychology of color, light, optimal temperature and Feng Shui. Summing up:

  • Colors inspired by nature and bright.
  • Hot light: avoid bluish lights, opt for natural light.
  • Opaque curtains to prevent outside light from entering.
  • Set the night mode on your mobile phone.
  • Avoid too strong air conditioning in summer, duvets too thick and heating too high in winter.
  • No mess and "piles" in the bedroom: let the positive energy flow.
  • Wood, water and metal: the three natural components of Feng Shui that give good energy.

Finally, remember that although sleep disturbances may have different causes, and that some of them may be beyond our control, it is also true that it's up to us to make some small changes that can help us sleep well. How about better organizing your sleep room to improve the quality of sleep?

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