Improve attention: With a white apron

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Louise Hay

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Sometimes unknowingly, when we feel
depressed, we spend more time dressing well and taking care of our look like that
to feel more motivated. But… a simple change of dress can improve attention and processes
cognitive in general? Some researchers have also asked this question
of Northwestern University. These
psychologists have evaluated how it is possible to improve attention simply
wearing a white apron. What happened? Students who were asked to
wearing a white apron during the test (in total 58), they committed the
half of the errors compared to those who dressed freely. But that's not all. The difference in attention
and the results obtained were so marked that the researchers decided to go
beyond. In this case, without any logical order, they told a group that the
apron they wore belonged to a doctor while to another group
they said it was a painter's apron. As you can imagine, who used the apron
white thinking it was a doctor's uniform, almost made the
half the errors compared to those who thought it was an apron
painter. Why does this happen? The answer lies in our deepest ones
beliefs. As if to say, we associate the doctor's apron with a more "important" job
and detailed compared to that of the painter. In this way, we empathize
in the character without realizing it and our senses are more
be alerted, so that it is perfectly understandable that attention improves e
with it our cognitive activity in general.
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