Ikea: the vegetarian meatballs arrive

    Ikea: the vegetarian meatballs arrive

    Coming up the vegetarian meatballs in Ikea stores. You think of the furniture giant and you think of them Swedish meatballs. But there is that one day someone notices that there is a little bit of horse meat in there and it is scandal. And another day when, instead, Mr. Ikea thinks that “you want to see that there really is a link between climate change and meat production? ". Ergo, it is very likely that, in order to maintain a certain credibility, it is better to also bake some meatball without meat.

    And it was a miracle: for the sake of animal rights and environmentalists, the GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, 100% vegetable meatballs. For the moment, distribution has started in the European stores of the Swedish chain, 4 euros for a plate of 10 meatballs, but it will soon arrive in the rest of the world as well.

    “Creating a better everyday life for many“, this would be Ikea's vision passwords by Michael La Cour, Chief Executive Officer for Food Services. In conclusion: make it more sustainable food products, especially meatballs, which are the most popular but also the food with the highest environmental impact

    And of course, considering that Ikea sells around 150 million beef and pork patties worldwide and that meatballs are, in fact, the least ecological element on the Ikea menu, due to the high carbon emissions of the cattle breeding process and their methane emissions.

    According to what yes law, veggie meatballs they will have an environmental impact 30 times lower (for the consumption of water and the production of Co2) than those made with meat. It will be made of only vegetables and will have about 100 fewer calories and half the fat compared to the classic meatball.

    No more meatballs in the furniture giant's restaurants? But even no! The veg-meatballs you will find them only as an alternative to traditional ones, which will continue to be the highlight of the Ikea brand. Green turn ok, but if the production of beef and pork meatballs continues, will the contribution of the Swedish brand - whose restaurant serves 600 million customers worldwide every year - to the fight against climate change will be able to have tangible results?


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