If you feel alone in solitude, you are in bad company

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If you feel alone in solitude, you are in bad company

Last update: February 18, 2017

Lately I've been feeling a bit lonely, even though I have people around me that everyone would like to have by their side. I feel lonely and can't fully understand why. On the other hand, when I am in my room and there is no one to cover my own noise, it is when I feel most alone.

I know this leads me to be in bad company. I feel lonely being alone and it's terrible: I don't want to listen to what I have to say and I have the feeling of being the saddest person in the world. Furthermore, it is The fear I feel towards silence is so deep that I constantly avoid it because I see myself helpless and vulnerable in it.

Many people have experienced this at times and, perhaps, you too are experiencing such a moment. It is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of: it is so easy to fill with emptiness and we all fear it will come into our life.

Loneliness isn't always bad

Often, when you see the shadow of loneliness appear, you observe it by masking it, so that the voids do not emerge or you isolate yourself in its melancholy. In this state you only receive pain and forget, little or much, who you really are.

The first essential step to fight this terrifying malaise, with such an ugly face and which prevents you from rejoicing in your feelings, is to face it and accept it.. Yes, we must give a name to the things that happen to us, in order to give them a place and act when they represent a burden and not a help.

"Feeling alone is not synonymous with being alone:

being alone can be a pleasant experience,

which you need every now and then to recover your strength or do something creative ...

But feeling lonely and isolated is bad for people; 

you become less creative, less intelligent, and your health suffers "

-Elsa Punset-

Loneliness isn't always bad. Convincing yourself of this statement is the next step: it is a question of recognizing that vulnerability is only the mirage of a heart that needs will. This means that being alone can represent a great opportunity: walking, traveling, reading, meditating ... Perhaps it is the bravest way to rediscover yourself and start loving yourself; others cannot be expected to protect us if we cannot protect ourselves.

In solitude it turns out that we are not alone

Loneliness can be the most desired embrace and is within everyone's reach. Moments of silence can be scary, but they can also purify, soothe and console. The solitude that gives happiness is that which finds and welcomes to make us our best company. 

You are never alone if you don't allow it. We are born to relate to others and, therefore, to share our life with those who are emotionally closest to us. However, isn't it true that the closest person to us is ourselves? Why do we want to reject it? 

I want to be alone with someone who wants to be alone as well

We are not alone as long as we can shout to the wind that there is still something that identifies us, that shows us that it is worth fighting for. 

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