If you can't change the situation, change your mind

If you can't change the situation, change your mindThere are situations that we can change, others not. And the sooner we accept it, the sooner we will stop suffering. When a person does not want to stay by our side, there is little we can do to hold him back. There is no point in complaining if we have lost a job opportunity. However proactive, enthusiastic and positive we are, there are situations we cannot change. In these cases we are left only with the possibility of changing our mind.

The dangers of non-acceptance

There are situations that we must accept even if we are unable to change them. When we don't accept them, they turn into an obstacle that steals our energy. The real miracle happens when we accept them, as during this process of apparent surrender we grow and move on. What happens when we don't accept a situation that we cannot change?1. It keeps us stuck. If we are faced with a wall and try everything to tear it down but fail, we will get frustrated and start complaining. This way we will be stuck in our path. On the contrary, if we try to find other solutions, we can continue to move forward, thanks also to the wall that stimulated us.
2. It makes us unhappy. When we fail to change the situation or others do not meet our expectations, frustration can grow enormously. By binding ourselves to this problem we prevent ourselves from being happy, it is as if we were forcing ourselves to drag a large stone, even if in reality we would like to let it go, but we do not know how.
3. It prevents us from seeing opportunities. A problem or a negative situation, especially if maintained over time, tends to generate frustration. And in this state not only are we unable to move forward, but we are also unable to perceive the solutions and opportunities that we have before our eyes. Not accepting a fact means closing yourself off to opportunities, choosing to stay in the past.

It's not the situation, it's how you react

We often confuse reality with our reactions. But it is important to note that it is not the situation itself that generates frustration, suffering or distress, these are just our responses to events that we cannot or do not want to handle. This is a substantial difference, because in this way it is possible to separate the event from our reaction to it. In short, it is about realizing that you are reacting to a meaning, not to a fact; in fact, many times it is we ourselves who add fuel to the fire, imagining the worst possible scenarios or letting negative emotions take over. This way we only get to worsen the situation, when the goal is to feel better. In practice, we end up losing the perspective that good and evil, negative and positive, are essentially based on our points of view, on how we choose to react to certain situations.Many of the situations that at first glance we can consider negative or bad, can be positive, or at least assume a neutral character if we change our perspective and take advantage of it. Of course, it is not a question of relativizing everything or suffering in silence. When we don't like a situation or it becomes an obstacle to achieving our goals, we must try to change it, but if we are unable to do so, continually hitting the wall will only harm us. If we are unable to break down that wall it is better to learn to exploit it.To achieve this, it is important to understand that everything depends on the interpretation, which is determined by our experiences, expectations and emotions that hold us back and condition us. However, what we are seeing is not the only reality, but only one aspect of it. Our reaction to the situation will be the final version. Therefore, focus on finding solutions, do not complain. Remember that life is not what you want it to be, very often it is capricious and unpredictable. It will continue to put problems in your path but also new opportunities. You choose whether you want to be a victim or whether you prefer to take the reins and learn with every step you take. After all, remember that nothing is forever. If something you don't like, try to change it, if not possible, don't torture yourself and change your attitude. Learn to embrace life with all that it entails.
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