If the words are stifling you, it's time to get them out

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If the words are stifling you, it's time to get them out

Last update: July 23, 2016

Not even the most taciturn of men can keep all his feelings in silence, since the human being needs every now and then to let off steam and give voice to what seems to suffocate him inside. In fact, there are times when you will probably feel like you have a lump in your throat that hurts, and you won't find a way to dissolve it with words. As if they had gone wrong and you could not get the air to the heart.

In these cases, you may even believe that there are no words precise enough to accurately describe what is happening to you. This is all normal, try to take a deep breath. We have all faced such a situation, and we are sure that you will get over the moment: even if you have a hard time believing it, your bubble of pain will shatter and you will find a way to lift yourself up and feel better.

Not expressing your emotions can make you sick

There are many emotions that we can get to feel and they, whether positive or not, must be expressed to allow us to channel them to the fullest. Otherwise, they would remain inside us, creating confusion and depriving us of some of our energy.

 "Do not accumulate silences, from time to time scream."


What is true is that the body and mind require a certain continuity in collecting experiences, without which they risk getting sick. Alexithymia, for example, is a disorder that occurs when the inability to express emotions is pushed to the limit.

If you feel that you are stuck and feel unable to continue, perhaps it is time to let the words speak for you., and perhaps it is also the case to ask for help. And not for someone to tell you what to do and what not to do, but to find that feeling of understanding that we all need.

Run after the words that want to escape

It is curious that just when we reach the peak of that overwhelming sensation linked to the need to say something, we cannot do it because the words seem to escape us, preventing us from speaking. However, by seeking within ourselves the strength to pursue them, we will be able to make them ours.

 "Every sigh is like a sip of life that lets itself go."

-Juan Rulfo-

Probably, when the time comes to speak, you will stammer, your sentences will overlap and you will feel dry mouth or perhaps, instead of speaking, you prefer to write and in that case you will be unable to find the thread of your thoughts and you will be surprised what will appear on the paper.

Despite this, the words that suffocate must come out: it is necessary to learn to listen to them and accept them. Until we express them, we will not be able to take charge of them or know how to behave towards them.

Some tips to let off steam

The act of letting off steam is one of the most complicated processes that man has to face. It is equivalent to uncovering the throbbing and suffering heart, in order to be able to see closely what ails it. However, there are some techniques that can simplify the moment of release to help you find your inner peace:

  • Be your own advisor: If you believe you have good objective and analytical skills, examining the pros and cons of what is happening to you could be a great catharsis exercise for you.
  • Cry: the beneficial properties of crying are well known, yet it is good to specify that crying is only useful when you are aware of the pain from which you are relieving. Take the opportunity to cry until you get tired if that's what you need, but immediately afterwards try to draw conclusions from respect.
  • You seek tranquility and calm: the best way to focus on problems is to be in an environment of peace and tranquility. If you are going through a bad time, try to indulge in something that relaxes you, like listening to music. After that, search for the words you feel the need to say.
  • Surround yourself with people who love you: it is evident the importance of having someone by your side who rejoices in your goals and shows empathy in the face of your failures, your fears or indecisions. Certainly there is someone next to you willing not to judge you, with whom you feel free to be able to speak and be heard.

 "You seem like one of those people who can listen with their ears, eyes and heart, all in unison"

-Kate Morton-

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