If life gives you wonderful people it is because you deserve it

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If life gives you wonderful people it is because you deserve it

Last update: 21 September, 2016

If life gives you wonderful people it is because you deserve it, so much so that beautiful things do not fall from the sky. You too are artisans of reciprocity and that bond that comes from the heart, you too take care to take care of everything that is really important in your life.

A curious fact is that in friendship the same happens as in love: people are convinced that they know everything. They see themselves as holders of a doctorate in personal relations and a master's degree in knowledge of affection. However, they cannot read the disappointment in the wrinkles in their partner's gaze or the apathy of their so-called best friends, who have long since stopped trusting them.

Wonderful people are those who love your ashes without knowing your fires, who enter your life without warning. and that you wish they never left. The most exceptional people are not close to you by chance, but because you deserve it, because you know well what their soul and the nobility of their hearts are worth.

If you have people next to you who enrich your life, it is because you know how respect works, the magic of shared silences and also the suffering that sometimes attacks those faces that have offered you so much support with their eyes and words.

There are many great people, but the ones who stand by your side are the best and you deserve it.

There are people who are your homeland

It can be your partner, your family, your friends, or all of them put together. Each of you has a "personal homeland", an intimate map on which little stories are drawn and in which the same language is spoken, that of sincere affection, emotions that help to grow and heal. Never forget it: that homeland requires a lot of effort.

Having real friends isn't like building virtual friendships on your Facebook profile. Friendship, like love, must be looked after every day; its roots must be nourished, so that the bond is strong, worthy and capable of facing all storms.

The inhabitants of our personal homeland are like the rose that the Little Prince cares for with dedication on his little planet: he knows that it is different from all the others, it is HIS rose.

Wonderful people can seem random, everyone has thought about it at least once in their life; only time will tell who among these will remain next to us. In every homeland there are battles and differences, in all personal maps there are scars and marks that give light and shape to the person you are now.

The love and friendship offered to us by these exceptional beings define us, because we share the same stories, because we have walked the same paths. We know what these people are worth and that is also why we deserve their presence.

Wonderful people and ephemeral people

The first study on the impact of friendship on our health was carried out in 1979 and lasted almost 9 years. The research took place in California and, thanks to it, something known today was discovered: enjoying a good network of support with which to share experiences, fears, moments of relaxation and complicity greatly reduces the risk of contracting infections, heart attacks or bleeding. cerebral.

Having wonderful people next to you is synonymous with well-being and health. Nonetheless, positive and truly meaningful relationships in our life can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Where is it wrong? In reality, there are no real mistakes: it is about behaviors and attitudes with which we are free to get along or not in our personal homelands.

We invite you to reflect on it.

People who come and go and permanent souls

Many sociologists have noted that, thanks to social networks, people begin to establish friendships based on common interests. They form groups and sub-groups on Facebook, in which to share experiences, dreams and desires. Well, many of these friendships are ephemeral or tied exclusively to very specific activities or needs.

  • There are friends who come and go, which last as long as a work contract or a rental contract, they are there as long as we have the patience to answer them on Whatsapp. It is by no means mandatory to get along with everyone; for this there are friendships that end simply because they turn into a necessary indifference.
  • Amazing people come as we get to know ourselves better and we realize that they have formed our homeland, that they represent our territory and that investing in them means investing in life, health and our destiny.

Some people often say they don't deserve the friends and family they have, but this is a mistake. We deserve them because we appreciate them, because we take care of them and because we want them by our side as they are, with all their essence and magic. We deserve to be happy and to learn every day from the wonderful people around us.

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