I wish you a love that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach

I wish you a love that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach

I wish you a love that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach

Last update: July 21, 2017

I wish you love, but a beautiful love, the kind that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, that makes you look stupid and that lights up your smile. One of those loves from which you cannot escape however much you want, which makes you depend on loving more, loving more strongly and, above all, loving rightly.

I wish you a true love, not easy, that of these there are already too many, one to water every day, which surprises you positively and in which you will want to take refuge when you do not know what to do. Love, yes, just these five letters, but I hope you find it because it will lead you to add many more words. It will add something to your person too, because there are a thousand meanings for the word love and… do you know which is the most important? What represents you.

I wish you this love, the love that embraces strong and sure, the one that kisses with passion, that makes your legs tremble, that gives you warmth when it's cold and that gives you air when it burns. A love that makes you forget your "never again", your limits and your stupid and vain promises; that love that gives you stories to tell and that pushes you to life, why not forget it: if it doesn't give you life, it's not love.

I wish you much more than words

It will not be enough that it has the sound of love, it will have to represent it, it must not be made only of words, but must go further, because if you are based only on the letters, then I do not wish you love.

When a look needs nothing else, when a gesture speaks for itselfo, when it makes you tremble without having touched you yet or when there is such a strong chemistry that everything flows without the need for a word. Now let's talk about love and what we like, about beautiful love.

I want to wish you smiles, those who have a why, but also those who don't. I want you to get excited when you talk and tell me about it, I want you to let me try it so that I can have fun too. I wish you to love yourself so much that you still have love to give and that you gift it with laughter, with deeds, with much more than words.

Don't lose the desire to keep working on it

And since we're on the subject of best wishes… why not, I also hope you don't lose your enthusiasm, that after having tried all this you can continue to want to try it again and that you will not stop looking for it. Think that love is not made only of flowers, but also of the water necessary for them to grow and not die, one without the other is useless.

Keep looking for your passion and, with passion, keep feeling it, keep pouring out love from all your pores and in your every smile, keep working and acting so that love doesn't die. When you are satisfied, the time has come to give it to the world, because you need love, because you need people who distribute love.

When you lose it, look for where it disappeared, inside you or outside; keep trying because love can do anything, don't give up and get it back, fall in love every second. If there is one thing to repent of, it is not having tried it, not having fought for it, because love cures all evil.

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