I will give you wings to fly where you want

I will give you wings to fly where you want

I will give you wings to fly where you want

Last update: April 22, 2016

If you have ever truly loved someone, you will know that it may be time to let go, to give that person wings and let them fly where they want. Sometimes it is necessary to let the person at your side fly away to allow them to be themselves, so that they discover and explore the world that revolves around them.

But it is precisely in situations like these that it is right to feel proud of ourselves, proud of having let go of a person we really loved or having allowed them to be themselves without any conditions. Because loving does not mean possessing, loving is much more: it is respecting, helping, being accomplices, wishing the best for the other person while hoping to have her by our side.

 "Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?"

-Frida Kahlo-

Learn to let go

The biggest obstacle between us and the act of letting go of the person we love is often our ego. We think about ourselves, how we will feel after letting go, rather than focusing on how that person will feel if they don't fly where they want.

You have to learn to let go, from time to time. Because during life there will be times when we will have to let go even if our heart is in pain, even if, palpitating, it begs us not to. It does not matter, it is to our soul that we must ask the question: what is best for the other person? To let her go or hold her for totally selfish reasons?

Learning to let someone go has a lot to do with our self-esteem. Who knows how to appreciate solitude, who has his spaces, his hobbies and his own friends, but above all those who truly love the other person will not just make them go, they will help them build their wings.

How to get rid of the ego to let go

Our ego sometimes dominates us to the point that it doesn't allow us to think about anything but ourselves. But now it is time to change and think about others, to let each one fly and, if necessary, to help him build his wings. Below you will find three tips to get rid of your ego.

Don't try to always be right

There are people who don't listen when others speak, who focus solely on their opinion without bothering to listen to others, sometimes even preventing them from saying their own. Your job is to differentiate yourself, not try to be right. Each situation can be looked at from very different perspectives, the reason does not necessarily lie where you believe. Be tolerant and act with empathy, just listen.

 "Man never knows what he is capable of until he tries."

-Charles Dickens-

You don't always want more

Our ego will demand more and more - more attention, more money, more love, more time, more material things. But our job is to curb this craving for possession and ask ourselves a question: what do I really need?

Because if we think hard about it, we are surrounded by things we don't need, and the same goes for people: we try to hold them back when in reality we should let them fly, let them build their way.

Don't identify with your goals

Sometimes we are obsessed with achieving success without asking ourselves what it really is. Our goals are not us, the two are different. Do not get attached to the idea of ​​the finish line, continue on your way. Success is not in money or power, but in surrounding yourself with people who love us and in the ability to enjoy those moments of intimacy.

If you love a person, you will learn that the goal is not to have them by your side, because a person is not an object. The real goal is to make that person happy, and maybe it's not by your side that they can be.

Let those you love fly away

If your loved one has a dream, give them wings so that they can make it come true, even if living that dream means getting away from you. At stake is not you, but his happiness.

It is complicated and in all likelihood you will suffer from it, but over time you will realize how you will have grown, having learned to observe reality with the eyes of the person you love, showing her your deepest love by giving her wings to fly.

“What worlds do I have in my soul, which for some time now I have been looking for means to fly?

-Alfonsina Storni-


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