I want to be happy: 4 simple steps to really succeed

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I want to be happy and I am sure that you want the same thing too.

Maybe you don't believe in it, maybe it seems like a utopia and you would settle for serenity. Now I'll explain what changed my life.

I like theory only if it serves a purpose practically change your lifeotherwise I avoid it. If you also want to go straight to the point, you are in the right place.

Now I show you how I managed to become a happy person e how can you do it too, in no time.

Soon, prompt?
I guess so, so let's get started right away!


What exactly are we talking about?

I don't like the idea that happiness cannot be defined, it doesn't convince me.

Many say that everyone has their own way of understanding happiness, but for me this is not the case.

Obviously, each of us looks for it in our own way, but I realized, and I saw it in hundreds of people, that happiness is the same for everyone.

Now, I bet I can also guess what you mean by happiness.

Let's try?


Here is what is misleading: there are two types of happiness.

The first is the one you usually aim for, the one from a survey, the one that psychologists usually study, the one for which they show you the ranking of the "happiest countries" to live in.

The first is called conditioning.

Basically it works like this, correct me if I'm wrong: you are happy if something goes right, or if someone behaves right, or if you get the things you want and pursue.

Obvious isn't it?

  • For example, you are happy se the person you love reciprocates.
  • Or you are se your commitment is appreciated and recognized by others.
  • Maybe you are happy se are you OK, se you have good health.
  • You probably are when others help you achieve your goals.
  • You certainly are when achieve the milestones you consider important.

This is the most fashionable happiness, the one that almost everyone pursues.

However it's not mine and it's not what you want either.

Yes I know, you want all these things, but do you understand where the catch is?

Simple: it is conditional happiness, so what happens if the conditions are not met?

That you are bad.






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If it is true that you are happy if the one you love reciprocates your love, do you not suffer if this does not happen?

And doesn't it have the power to make your health feel bad if it fails?

And what happens when others behave badly towards you? Or are you missing the great achievements you have fought your entire life for?

You feel bad and you are certainly not happy.

Here, the first happiness is linked to conditions and you can be sure, or certain, that they are all, or almost all, out of your control.

If you think about it, you cannot decide what will happen, you depend on external situations, on the will of others, on luck.

So what do you do?

Try to get all those "se"That you desperately need.

If you don't get them you are bad, so the "desperately" is there.

Do you know what this reminds me of? The life of an animal ...



I want to be happy, but not for a while, not today and then tomorrow to find myself feeling bad and sad, or suffering.

I don't want to go to sleep thinking that maybe tomorrow something will happen that is not up to me and I won't be happy, and I'll be sick.

What kind of life would that be?

Is the life you want?

On the other hand, is the opposite okay with you?

Are you okay with feeling happy today and feeling bad tomorrow?

To risk losing serenity and joy every day?

Conditional happiness is super sought after, but it's a beautiful trap.

Today there is and tomorrow who knows.

Today people do as you say, but tomorrow they may walk away or change their minds.

For me it is a rip off.

  • And then you know how tiring it is get everything you want?
  • How challenging it is to be able to make your life go the way you want?
  • How complicated it is get from others what you need to feel good?

Yes you know!

But wait, I said there are two types of happiness.

The second is not calculated by anyone, or almost.

Yes, they don't really run away!

Indeed, some think that it does not exist and for this reason few look for it.

I, on the other hand, looked for it and found it.

This is unconditional happiness.

The difference is that there are no "ifs".

It's not like you're a happy person if you're healthy, if your job is good, or if people are good.

You're just happy.

  • It is raining? You are happy.
  • Do you have any health problems? You are happy.
  • Did the girl (or the boy) leave you? You are happy.
  • Do you have difficulties at work? You are happy.

I wrote happy, not stupid, or stupid!

Think about it: if your stomach hurts and you are sad, will it pass?

I do not believe.

And if you're happy, does the pain go away?

Probably not (but I often assure you that it really goes away!), but at least you are happy.

The problem is that you, like everyone, you don't think it's really possible to be happy despite problems unless you are out of your mind!

But that's right: you can be happy always, every day, whatever happens.

Honestly: if you have the power to feel good even when you have a problem or something hurts, wouldn't you prefer it?

Or do you like to feel sad, feel disappointment and anxiety, boredom, apathy, emptiness and fear?

The happiness that everyone is looking for depends on something, does not last long and ends quickly.

If you want you can chase it too, but I am convinced that you have always done it and without great results if you are reading this page 😉

The happiness that I propose to you it has no end, it lasts forever and nothing or anyone can take it away from you because it does not depend on anything or anyone, but only on you.

Yes, you got it right, you can never lose it once you have found it!

Not bad right?

At this point you have to decide: if you want to find out how to get to this happiness that never ends, let's go on and I'll explain how to get there.

Otherwise, just keep running in the wheel 😉

And before we go on and show you what to do, let's rate your ability to be happy. Yup, we measure how happy you are.

It will allow you to understand if today you are capable of living a deeply happy life.

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You can't be a happy person if you have negative emotions that make you feel bad!

Obvious isn't it?

After all, what is happiness if not an emotion?

Well, for which if you feel negative emotions how can you be happy too?

Think about it: Could you be happy while you are angry, or angry?

And remember the last time you felt a big disappointment: do you think you could be happy at the same time?

Yeah, you can't.

Do you know why?

Simple, why either we feel positive or negative emotions.

You cannot experience two opposite emotions at the same time.

Mind you, I could feel joy and anger a second later.

It often happens to pass even in a few seconds from one emotion to the opposite.

But if you want to be happy you need to remember that while you feel sad you will never feel happiness.

I am offering you unconditional happiness, and if you are here it is because you want to be happy, like me.

To get there we have to go through our emotions: eliminate the negative ones that get in the way!

You know what that means?

That you must learn to transform anger, suffering, sadness, into joy and happiness.


Cabbage, I've been doing this for over 5 years now.

Sure, sometimes I do better, sometimes less, but what if I told you that I can get rid of any negative emotion in a few minutes?

Wouldn't it be nice if when you feel anger do you make it disappear after 60 seconds and go back to feeling good and happy?

Yes, I know, that would be great!

I give you the second good news (the first is that true happiness never ends!): you can choose to be happy or angry.

Just as you can decide whether to feel bored or enthusiastic, to be sad or in a good mood.

Yes, you can choose what to try.

And in the end you have to tell me if you would not always choose happiness!

Or by being able to choose, do you keep the anger and throw away the joy?

Or do you prefer sadness and leave happiness outside the door?

Mind you, until a few years ago I didn't know how to choose what to try, I was at the mercy of what happened to me, and when I was sick, well, I was sick!

But then I found out what I'm explaining to you now, and ever since I get up and choose to be a happy person.

And I guarantee you that nothing is capable of making me change my mind: I want to be happy and I am.

End of the story.

You want to be happy, and you will be.

I assure you.


By learning everything I have understood over the years.

First, watch the next video, it explains how and why you can choose to always be happy.

All right.

Now you know that there is an unconditional happiness that you can always have with you and that you have the power, you always have, to be able to choose your emotions.

So only the two secrets are missing to live a happy life.


Being happy: the two secrets of happiness

In recent years I have discovered that if I want to be happy I have to do only two things, even quite simple.

We saw the first one with the hamster video, remember?

Basically it's simple: you have to eliminate the claims.

What are? All the "ifs" that are part of conditioned happiness.

I explained it to you before: if you set conditions, you will always have many opportunities to feel bad.

I would say it is inevitable, just as it is inevitable that you get wet if you enter the water.

If you demand something you will be sick.

I have written a guide in which I explain why we cannot be happy, and it shows you very well the link between suffering and demands.

I'll tell you more: the claims are one of the main causes of suffering that exist.

At this point, however, what is the difference between a demand and a desire?

Is it also wrong to have goals and dreams?

No, God forbid, but it is impossible to be happy if you pretend to get this or that to be happy.

Watch the next video, I'll explain how to recognize a claim from a healthy desire.

We are almost there.

However, the second secret.

In fact, it is not enough to eliminate pretensions to be happy.

Let's say it's the first step, but it's not enough. It takes more.

The second secret I've discovered in the last few years is what you need to become truly happy.

It also speaks of wealth.

When are we rich and when are we poor?

I could explain it to you in a thousand words and more, but I discovered a video online that will help you understand this second secret much more quickly.

And I think very effectively too.

Look at it carefully, because if you want to be happy this is the real secret.

Here we are, now you know the two secrets to a happy life: no claims and unconditional love.

I want to underline it: unconditional, exactly like the deep happiness you want too, and I assure you it's no accident 😉

We are at the conclusions!


Are you a selfish person?

Answer the 7 questions in my selfishness test.

It will allow you to understand if (and to what extent) you are a selfish person.
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I want to be happy - here's what you need to do

I've had the habit, for several months now, of writing a lot when I tackle a topic, and I'm very passionate about happiness, it's something I really like 😉

I write a lot because I don't want to leave you with doubts, unclear concepts or words.

I want you to understand well what I have experienced, what I live every day, because I know that you can be perfectly happy and that you can be too today.

So here's what you need to do to become a happy person:

  1. Eliminate all claims, do not chase the conditioned happiness that everyone offers you, get off the wheel!
  2. Start choosing your emotions. Emotional independence is the key point, and it's also my first book, which I recommend you read right away 😉
  3. He loves. You must act with love without expecting anything in return, not even gratitude, but giving for the sake of giving. This is the secret.

Before I leave you, however, I want to give you one last tip to be able to really change your life and become happy.

Il change of perspective I'll introduce it to you with today's latest video.

Whether you believe in God or not, you must make this vision your own: observe everything, every challenge, every situation you live, however difficult, as an opportunity.

Mind you, reality will not disappear because you don't like it, if you have a problem it won't disappear just because you reject it.

Problems sit there and watch you despair, and they don't go away on their own.

You have to face them, you have to look for a solution.

If you want to be happy you have to start living as if your existence were a continuous opportunity.

To do what?

But how, to love.

You have to act with love every day. In every situation.

If you live everything as a great opportunity, if you act with love, and therefore you create happiness because loving is the secret to being happy, what are you missing?

In reality you will not miss anything.

Opportunity: you have a lot of them every day, find them, chase them, discover them, but above all take them.

And since we are really at the end, you can continue this journey for a happy life by reading an indispensable guide, in which I explain what it means to love.

It was the most important lesson of my life, just what we all think we know, but few have really understood.

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