I want them to caress my soul, anyone can touch the skin

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I want them to caress my soul, anyone can touch the skin

Last update: July 29, 2016

Caressing the soul means seducing with words to ignite unexpected emotions. The good craftsman of sincere love knows that there is no greater attraction than that between two minds that fit together, seek each other and discover each other beyond the skin and the senses, because caressing the soul means being reborn in the other. , but without ceasing to be yourself.

If we think about it, there are very few times we experience a real mental union with another person to the point that, in seduction, the physical aspect ceases to have importance and we move on to enjoy a harmony made of flavors, pleasures, knowledge and complicity that trace wonderful and impossible moments to forget.

Until you empty your soul of grudges, fears and uncertainties, you will not feel free enough to allow others to caress it, other voices to envelop it and give it the care it deserves.

In Mexico's beautiful indigenous language, Nahuatl, the concept of caressing the soul is expressed in a delightfully sounding word: “apapachar”. Of course, it is an exceptional art, which we should all put into practice with our loved ones, because this is how we find respect, recognition and that love that goes beyond the skin and the senses ...

Today we invite you to reflect on it.

Love is not found in the heart, love lives in our mind and soul

The action of "apapachar", of caressing another person's soul, does not come from the heart. Even if, in tradition, the image of love is always associated with this organ of ours, in reality it is located in our brain, where that chemical, chaotic and captivating dance takes place that defines many of our sensations.

Even if we know that passion and love, in their most "euphoric" version, are managed by a subtle combination of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin ... what happens when what we feel is above all a "mental union"? That attraction that goes beyond the skin and physical sensations?

The logical side of love

In romantic relationships, not everything is chaotic. In the cortex of our brain we find the "most logical" processes, that is the perception, the conscience, the judgment, the most balanced reasoning ...

  • Our "rudder of control" is located in this outermost part of the brain, made up of very complex neuronal networks.
  • This is where those processes take place which, for example, help us assess whether someone deserves our affection or not and which also allow us to enjoy that mental bond where, suddenly, our entire universe seems to make sense. .

The limbic system and the magic of emotions

If the outermost part of our brain deals with the most logical tasks or problem solving, another structure, as magical as it is special, is hidden in its deepest areas: the limbic system.

  • It is in this region of the brain where we find the reward of that harmony, of those conversations in which we delight with the person we love, of those knowledge we acquire, of those discoveries, that sense of humor that they give us and that affection that they give us with words.
  • For every positive action, the limbic system offers us those neurotransmitters loaded with pleasure and well-being, which gives birth to the magic of attraction..
  • Intelligence is seen as a lasting thing. This means that, when there is that exceptional union in which emotions harmonize with wisdom, with a sense of humor, with constant and precious dialogues, the satisfaction one feels is greater.
    • Those who say they feel a greater attraction for what they have "inside", rather than for what they see "outside", above all, he seeks a mental connection in which challenge, discovery and pleasure in the partner's way of thinking satisfy him and make it feel special, because they establish a bond that goes beyond the physical plane, beyond the skin.

    To conclude, intelligence can be a very seductive element, no doubt, but this does not guarantee a stable and happy relationship. To caress the soul of a loved one, any bright mind must be accompanied by the delicacy of an emotional wisdom..

    Because loving someone with nobility also means knowing how to strip their soul with humility and thus find oneself in the most hidden meanders of that person, where it is possible to get to know each other better, where one can “apapachar” and discover one another, at the same time building one's own space as a couple. A wonderful adventure that is always worth living.

    I want sincere words that caress my soul, noble eyes in which to reflect myself and a strong heart to fight for and which, in turn, wishes to fight for me.

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