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I want the physicist of Gianluca Vacchi!

Gianluca Vacchi is the social phenomenon of the moment: 5,4 million followers on Instagram and beyond 8 million of views every time a video about one of his crazy ballets is published.

Apart from the media aspect, it cannot be denied that the Bolognese entrepreneur, class 1967, have a physique that most forties (and even thirtysomethings) dream of.

Even if his lifestyle allows him to train at least 1 hour and a half every day, as he stated in a recent interview, is still an excellent example of how age shouldn't be a limitation in physical training.

Many times in the gym you hear "I'm old now I don't do it anymore, I'm stuck is the age" or similar ... but is it really like that or is it just an excuse? Let's try to understand it together.

One of the most obvious effects is the reduction of lean muscle mass (sarcopenia) due to an adaptation of the musculature as a result of poor or lack of physical exercise.

Following this, there is a reduction in the basal metabolism which determines the amount of calories we consume at rest; despite this reduction, there is often no parallel decrease in calories ingested daily, inevitably leading to a worsening of body composition (ratio of lean mass to fat). But what does this mean?

Means that weight training may be the best anti-aging; the changes in body composition and aerobic capacity that are usually associated with advancing age may not necessarily be dependent on this !!!

In any case, if we start from a sedentary situation, or almost, there are several factors to take into consideration:

Health state

If you have pathologies or joint problems perhaps due to the type of work that takes place, it is always recommended to start the training session or insert a special one for stretching and joint mobility (especially in the 2 opposite desk work, so sitting all day, and hard work like a bricklayer can be).

Another problem can be smoking or drinking spirits (to be avoided or in any case to be reduced to a minimum).

Workout Intensity

Work on a qualitative rather than quantitative level, always training at the best of your ability while trying to avoid very high intensity techniques that could do more harm than good (especially if you have problems like those listed above).

They represent quite intense workouts that they involve 8-12 repetitions run in a slow and controlled way keeping a ROM as complete as possible.

Then use medium to high loads with a higher number of repetitions it seems to be the best choice.

Another element to take into consideration for the structuring of our workout it is the recovery time, do not be afraid to take 30 '' more rest, it is not these that make the difference on the possible gains obtainable from training.


It is important to respect the progression of the load by increasing the lifted load as the force increases and the same is true for the complexity of the exercise.

Un example of a training structure for an over 40 person must include 5 moments:

# 1 Dynamic stretching and joint mobility

# 2 General warm-up (slow running, elliptical or something similar) and then specific (aimed at the muscle group that we will train in that session) to raise the body temperature and lubricate the joints.

# 3 Cardiovascular work, for example, slow running or swimming, for about 20-30 with heart rate at 65% of HR max; Cardio is used for the heart and lungs and therefore even if you don't like it it is preferable to insert it, even in separate sessions to keep physiological functions at optimal levels.

# 4 Weight or bodyweight work (see previous point).

#5 Defaticamento, static stretching and joint mobility again referred to the joints set in motion during the 2 previous phases.



We conclude by discussing 2 other factors to consider and NEVER underestimate, sleep and stress.

Sleep is essential to recover from your workouts, both from a muscular and nervous point of view, to reduce the stress accumulated during the day; at least 7-8 hours per night are recommended (therefore continuous)

Finally… stress: at a certain age life can be rich and full of commitments, go to the gym to let off steam through training regardless of your cell phone and think about your social life or your problems.

Stress accelerates the aging process: the more stressed you are, the faster you get older to solve this problem you can also resort to disciplines such as yoga, autogenic training, meditation and tai chi.

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