I sit in front of the mirror talking to my reflection

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I sit in front of the mirror talking to my reflection

Last update: May 10, 2017

Today I sit in front of the mirror talking to my reflection, accepting the fact that I'm not perfect, but that's how I want myself. I want to look beyond my appearance and understand that my way of being reflects all the experiences I have lived in my life.

Today I learned that life is reflected in the skin and hopes in the eyes. They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but they are also the door of hope. Perhaps it is more difficult to look in the mirror and not see only a body, a reflection, to understand that we are not made only of flesh and blood, but of experiences, hopes and dreams.

We are not just flesh and blood, we are what we have lived and what we have yet to live.

Wrinkles reflect worries in the eyes and smiles in the mouth. They are the sign of the words we have not said and of those that have escaped us and of which we have regretted. They are part of us, a part that helps us build ourselves, a part that tells the whole world how we are.

Perhaps it is difficult to see the soul immediately when we look in the mirror and our reflection appears. It usually happens when we mull over the past, instead of looking to the future, when we anchor ourselves to what we have lost, instead of valuing the progress we have made. When we pretend that our body and our skin are perfect, as if we were dolls or puppets without life and without past experiences.

The past is for learning

We are much more than what you see at first sight, we are also the past and we reflect it on our skin. Because the past shows us where we come from, but it does not determine our future path. Because we are the ones who move our feet.

We must understand that the past is for learning, but we must not become dependent on it. The past is part of who we are, but it doesn't define what we can be. The past, in the end, is the structure, the bricks we have built, but it is not our soul.

Remember that we are not a reflection of what the past determined, we fight for what we will be tomorrow. And even if we are aware of our past and have learned from our mistakes, we do not let them influence our steps.

If you decide to give up and let your past become your present, you will be mere spectators of life and you will forget to live it.

The future is a reflection of what it can be

Listening to my reflection, speaking without fear of the future I want to see through the mirror, I realized that the desire to fight for what I really want has more value than the obstacles of the past from which I come. Because many times we don't have to focus on reality as it is, but on how it could be if we realize our dreams and goals.

It may take a while to reach the future we want, but only those who are patient and don't give up get what they want, no matter how distant and demanding their goals are. Not giving up in the face of difficulties is always a virtue, learning from one's mistakes is a great skill and not becoming attached to the stone that made us stumble is a sign of intelligence.

Today I sat in front of the mirror talking to my reflection and I realized that I am everything I have lived and I will be everything I want to be. I have in my hands the power to fight for my dreams and to learn from my mistakes. In the end, dreams are within the reach of those who know themselves beyond the image they project, because no one is perfect, only wisely imperfect.

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