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    I miss my ex girlfriend: what to do?

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    I miss my ex girlfriend... is a phrase that I have heard repeated many times.

    Missing someone you've been with is a very common experience, and at the same time very painful. It inevitably happens to those who are left, in the classic "I miss my ex who left me", but it can also happen when you are in the shoes of the executioner: "I left her but I miss her to death".

    In the meantime, you may have moved on, started a new relationship, but still miss her: “I'm engaged but I miss my ex“. Or maybe she's the one who has rebuilt a life with another guy, and I know that in these cases the pain can be even more pronounced.

    I miss my ex girlfriend: what to do?

    We are now ready to see what to do when you miss her. We will distinguish in 4 separate cases, based on which of the two left the other, and based on which of the two got engaged again.

    I miss my ex that I left behind

    It was you who left her, but after some time you find yourself thinking about her all the time, missing her company and the good times spent together. Memories are destroying you and you're starting to believe you did the wrong thing by leaving her. What to do?

    First of all, I invite you to ask yourself: "Do I miss her or do I just feel alone?".

    How much you realize you miss your ex, this can often be because you feel the general need to be in a relationship. closeness and intimacy with another person. Someone who loves you, understands you and is close to you every day. Rather than miss her as a person, you may miss the idea of ​​her, and the presence of an important person in your life.

    If you were the one who left it, you need to rethink the reasons that led you to this decision, and ask yourself if they are still valid or not. Don't question a decision you've made just because of a moment of weakness you're experiencing. You will see that you will soon meet another person with whom you can try that again beautiful intimacy, and you'll stop missing your ex.

    If, on the other hand, there has been an actual awareness on your part, on the fact that she was the right girl for you and that you cannot be without her, then I suggest you give it a try to win her back, without wasting any more time.

    The first step could be to contact her with an apology and ask her how she is. You will need to test the territory to see if she is hurt, angry and if she still thinks about you.

    Don't tell him about your story, don't be hasty or too direct. Try to reintroduce a gradual and positive contact between the two of you, showing your openness towards him. Then see what happens.

    I miss my ex who left me

    Here is the most common case: "I miss my ex who left me".

    It is clear that, after being left, suffering, a sense of rejection and disappointment make our days impossible. I don't even know a person who reacted well after being broken up.

    Since in these cases one is not in control of the decision that has been made, and one has the impression that something has been taken away from us, the nostalgia for the ex seems to be even stronger.

    It is not wrong to think that you want to win it back, and I will shortly provide you with all the tools you need to achieve that goal. However first I want to tell you what are the cases in which NO you should definitely try to win her back:

    • Throughout your relationship, she often has you treated with little respect
    • You suspect he cheated on you, or you know for sure
    • You feel you are not never really been appreciated from her
    • During your relationship, the moments of suffering were more frequent than the happy ones
    • Deep in your heart you know she did the right thing to leave you, why you are not compatible
    • You know you can't love her as she deserves, and that's why she left you

    If you find yourself in one or more of these cases, I recommend that you let it go forever, and dedicate yourself only to working on yourself and your life. An excellent starting point will be reading the articles contained in the various sections of our Get PersonalGrowth blog. A very helpful article for you might be how to stop suffering for love.

    In all other cases it would be stupid not to give it a try, because getting an ex girlfriend back is entirely possible, as long as you don't rely on chance or instinct.

    Nostalgia and weakness on the one hand, and lack of experience on the other, could lead you to do irreparable errors, effectively eliminating your hopes of getting back with your ex.

    This is why you have to follow a real method, based on human psychology, and which takes into account your unique starting situation.

    I am engaged but I miss my ex

    There is always a place in the heart for good memories, but you can't allow them to ruin your present.

    If you're in a new relationship, and your ex's memory comes back insistently, I recommend that you give yourself some time to focus on this new relationship, make it as intense as possible, and try to forget the ex.

    However, if after a certain period you are unable to move forward, it will be time to face reality and try to change the cards on the table.

    I miss my ex but she is with someone else

    It's entirely possible to get a girl back with you, even if she has another one right now. However, you will need to be prepared to strategize, to be patient, and to strike only at the right moment.

    Often the best choice is to forget your ex and move on with your life; I assure you that you will learn to feel good even without her, and you will be able to find better partners in the future, also thanks to what you have learned from the end of this relationship. Especially in cases of short stories I advise you to prefer this option: in hindsight you will understand that you have done the right choice.

    However, I realize very well that in many cases the years spent with that person, the emotional baggage and experiences that you carry with you and the plans you had for the future will not make it easy to give up and let them go.

    After all, you are you and only you to know if she's the woman in your life, and if it's worth a try to win her back.

    The secret, if you choose this second path, will be to succeed in manage jealousy in the best way. If your ex realizes that you are competing with her new boyfriend, you are jealous and you absolutely don't want to see them together, she will feel that she has immense power over you.

    Take this power away from him telling him "well ... yes, actually he could be the right person for you".

    By pushing her towards him, and not considering this new guy as a threat, you regain your dignity in his eyes, intrigue his rational side and excite the emotional one.

    You will then have to keep in touch with her, make your life more interesting, show that you are dating someone too, and wait for the first hesitation in your ex's new relationship.

    Sooner or later it will happen ... the new relationship will have a small or big moment of crisis, thanks to the work you have done, or even just for reasons independent of you. This will be the right time to hit, meet her and riattrarla to you.

    How to continue

    Well, we have come to the conclusion of this article titled "I miss my ex girlfriend". Thank you for reading it all the way through, and wish you the best of luck with everything?

    PS I know exactly how you feel, because I've been through it too. In order not to leave you alone in this delicate phase of your life, I have decided to set up a daily email path to help you. If you decide to join, I will send you valuable tips and tricks every day to win back your ex without making other mistakes.

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