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    I miss my ex boyfriend: should I win him back or forget him?

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    I miss my ex boyfriend, what can I do?

    I still love my ex and I miss him so much… should I win him back or forget him?

    To miss someone having been together with for a long time can be a very painful experience. It inevitably happens when you are left, but it can also happen when you are in the shoes of the executioner, in the classic: "I left my boyfriend and I repented", or "I left him but I miss him".

    In the meantime, you may have moved on, started a new relationship, but still miss him: “I miss my ex but I'm engaged“. Or he could be the one who rebuilt a new life, and I know in these cases it really hurts.

    In any case I know how you feel: it is as if there is a void in your life that you can't fill.

    With this article I want to give you some tips to follow to get back to feeling better, and to understand if it is appropriate to win him back or to forget him.

    Before you start reading I recommend that you take this quick online test to check your actual chances of winning back.

    It only takes 2 minutes to complete, and based on how you answer 15 questions it will give you a percentage, which represents your chance of winning back. You can do it here.

    I miss my ex: win him back or forget him?

    If you miss your ex you may have a big question about what to do: win him back or forget him?

    Both paths seem difficult to go down, and you doubt you can do it, but I assure you that with the right suggestions it is entirely possible to forget an ex in a rather short time, as well as to win him back.

    The best way to make a decision about what to do is to make an honest analysis of your past relationship with him, and the feelings you have.

    You can achieve this by answering a simple question, to which you must give an answer in the most sincere and objective way possible.

    Do I miss my ex or do I feel lonely?

    How much you realize you miss your ex, this can often be due to your general need to be in a relationship. closeness and intimacy with another person.

    Rather than miss him as a person, you may miss the idea of ​​him, and the presence of an important person in your life.

    With this in mind, it is vital to understand that you will have this type of relationship with another person in the future. Rather than thinking about your ex, you should devote your time and energy to this in this case restart with your life, find yourself and meet other people.

    If, on the other hand, you realize that you really miss him, and you do not want or are unable to replace him with anyone else, because your relationship was really special, then before trying to forget him, I recommend that you face a path of reconquest.

    It's entirely possible to get an ex back if you know how to do it, and you'll find many helpful tips in this article. First of all, however, I suggest you take the test, answer the 15 questions and find out your chances of winning back.

    I miss my ex boyfriend, what can I do?

    Maybe now you are wondering "how to forget an ex?", Or "how to win him back?". Perhaps you still don't know what to do, how to face this difficult moment, and what to hope for in the future.

    I want to reveal a secret to you ...

    The path to win back a boy and the path to forget him and stop suffering for love start in the same way. They go through a first common, fundamental step: that of returning to feel good about yourself.

    Once you have found one of your own emotional stability, and you will be back on your feet, you will be able to take back your ex if you want to, or to move on with your life without him, and without feeling that lack that is now destroying you.

    Let's see some very important tips that will help you find yourself and better deal with "I miss my ex".

    1. Stop chasing him

    Whether you want to win him back or forget him, you must now stop chasing and stalking him.

    While it may be tempting to constantly check his social media profiles, ask his friends about him, or even worse bombard him with messages, this attitude it wouldn't bring you any results, and it would actually make him move even further away from you.

    What you need in this phase is to distance yourself from him, and focus on yourself.

    If you haven't heard from each other for a while, keep reading the article: you will find more tips below.

    2. Move towards genuine things

    There are many things you may already have tried not to think about your ex, such as getting drunk, going dancing with your friends, or going out with guys you met on Tinder or at some club.

    The truth is that these types of businesses they don't help you feel better, and indeed they could only accentuate that sense of lack of yours towards the ex.

    The reason is simple: vices, nightlife, casual sex and online dating can give you momentary relief but then leave you. a void inside.

    I'm not saying that in general these are bad things, but at this stage of your life where you are particularly vulnerable, instead of making you feel better they would just make you more depressed, and think about how great the story was with him.

    So what is the solution?

    Move towards genuine things that make you feel good. Go out during the day, put yourself in situations that make you see people at their best, not their worst.

    Cultivate relationships with your best friends, and generally try to develop authentic relationships with new people. You can also try dating another guy, but try to approach it from the point of view I proposed.

    When you miss a person and it seems to you that life has no meaning, the key is to throw yourself into experiences that reinforce a positive perception towards the world and people, rather than gravitating around situations that lack meaning.

    3. Make progress in your life

    Another key factor in getting back to feeling good about yourself is making progress in your life. If you find yourself missing your ex boyfriend, set yourself goals to reach out to keep your mind engaged and take steps forward in areas where he has nothing to do.

    You could focus on your personal growth, career, physique, learning something new, or improving relationships with your family or friends. The important thing is to choose something that is truly meaningful to you.

    4. Give yourself time to heal

    If you miss him, you need to give yourself time to heal. I know the quote "time heals all wounds" is a cliché, but that's it. You can't expect to feel good about yourself in a week or two after the end of a relationship, can you?

    If your history has been long and / or significant, it is completely normal that you will continue to think about it a bit, even a few months or a year later, but right now the priority objective is overcome the acute phase of lack and pain.

    If you are thinking "I miss it so much", know that you have to give yourself time and focus on other things, whether you want to forget it, or you want to win it back.

    5. How to win him back

    If you are convinced that you want to win him back, and now you want to know how to proceed, I recommend an exceptional resource that could be for you.

    If you are convinced that you want to get back with your ex, don't underestimate the importance of having a plan to follow.

    The reconquest is a delicate process, so your actions must be well organized and consistent with each other, so as not to risk drifting away from your goal instead of getting closer to it.

    Special cases to analyze if you miss him

    Let us now look at some particular cases, for which all that has been said so far is valid, but some specific considerations must also be made.

    I miss it so much

    Missing you so much you are particularly exposed to the likelihood of committing gods serious mistakes that will make you feel worse and worse, and will make him move further away.

    Remember that he senses that he misses you, and he knows he has some power over you. He will only be interested in you again when he starts to have doubts about your involvement.

    This is why all the considerations made so far apply: take your distance, focus on yourself and feel better again. In these conditions you cannot get anything good, neither from him nor from life in general.

    You have to get up on your feet, smile again and realize that you can do it even without him. Only then can you win him back, or fall in love with another person.

    I left it but I miss it

    It was you who left him, but after some time you find yourself thinking about him all the time, missing his company and the memories you shared with us.

    You are thinking "I still love my ex that I left", you regret your decision and would like to get back together with him. What to do now?

    First, I invite you to ask yourself if you really miss him or if you just feel alone. This is essential, and I will never forget to repeat it to you.

    If you are convinced that you have made a mistake, the advice I want to give you is to contact him with an apology and ask him how he is.

    You will have to test the territory to see if he's hurt, angry, still thinking of you, and if you have a chance to get back together.

    Don't tell him your story, don't be hasty or too direct. Try to reintroduce a gradual and positive contact between the two of you, showing your openness towards him. Then see what happens.

    I miss my ex but I'm engaged

    There is always a place in the heart for good memories, but you can't allow them to ruin your present.

    If you're in a new relationship, and your ex's memory comes back insistently, I recommend that you give yourself some time to focus on this new relationship, make it as intense as possible, and try to forget the ex.

    However, if after a certain period you have not been able to move forward, it will be time to face reality and try to change the cards on the table.

    I miss my ex boyfriend but he has another one

    This case is very sensitive and difficult to handle, but I have written a whole article on how to deal with him when he leaves you for someone else. I suggest you take a look at it.

    I miss my ex after a year

    Even after a year, it is normal to miss your ex a little. It is still a person in whom you have invested a lot of your mental and emotional energies, your time and your attention. All of this it will not disappear into nothing suddenly.

    You may be wondering if you should try to get back to him and win him back. Do this only if:

    • You feel good overall, and this lack you feel towards him is not a huge need, but just a positive feeling that you still feel you have towards him.
    • You haven't heard from each other for a few months, and you have therefore had time to process the separation.
    • You still feel both emotionally and rationally that he is the right person for you, with whom you want to share your future.

    If, on the other hand, you are still very bad about your story that ended months or years ago, you have probably made one of these mistakes:

    • You continued to hear from your ex even after the breakup, perhaps even seeing him on his terms, and didn't have the strength to distance yourself clearly for a while.
    • You haven't focused on making progress in your life

    In this case my advice to you is to from the begining.

    You have a wound that needs to be healed, and to do so, you don't have to touch or scrape it every day. Leave her alone. Your body already automatically knows what it needs to do to heal, and you just have to go along with it without doing anything.

    Close contact with him, improve yourself and feel good about yourself again. After this phase you can decide to contact him again and re-emerge renewed in his life, with great chances of getting him back.

    Well, we have come to the conclusion of the article "I miss my ex boyfriend: win him back or forget him?".

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