I'm not afraid of anything anymore!

I'm not afraid of anything anymore!

I'm not afraid of anything anymore!

Last update: Augusts 19, 2015

A fearful little girl was hiding behind a window, watching the world go by without daring to go beyond that window. Life, however, wanted to teach her and, since she did not want to leave her hiding place for so long, it was the world that came to meet her by knocking on her door..

She was a polite child, so she opened the door. But she was also very scary, so she just poked her head and then threw open the doors to all kinds of creatures: goblins, wizards, fairies disguised as witches and witches disguised as fairies. At times, the child was mesmerized by the magicians' games, which then disappeared, leaving her alone and sad.

At other times, she was surprised by the beautiful words of a fairy that turned into arrows directed to her heart, at other times, she felt fear in front of a strange woman who perhaps was not so strange, but the little girl was afraid of it..

Perhaps because the fake fairies had already knocked on her door, the wonderful wizards who promised to turn everything they touched into gold or the goblins that came and went, something began to change for the child.

Little by little, the little girl began to distinguish fairies from witches, false wizards from those who really were and, even if sometimes it was still confusing, one day she felt deeply happy, an immense happiness, because ...

He was no longer afraid of anything. She no longer looked at the world from the window, because she was the one who knocked on the doors of the other fearful girls to teach them everything she had learned from the guests who had once turned up at her door..

Since then, the little girl kept repeating to herself and to the other girls: “I am no longer afraid of anything”.

How to stop being afraid?

If you identify with the words of this story, if you are afraid to face life, others, the rest of the world, do not worry and do not be ashamed of your fear.

We are all afraid of something or many things. Life, however, together with experience helps us to learn little by little, makes us stronger. No matter how hard we try to hide, life always knocks on our door.

What you need to do is:

Live the experiences

Experience is the only thing that will help you grow, learn from your mistakes. Don't be afraid of making mistakes or that others make you suffer. We all make mistakes, not once, but many times.

Stop regretting what you have done

At a certain moment it comes to your mind, because of your age, circumstances, personality. Get rid of mistakes, don't keep taking them with you. Once you have learned, mistakes will only limit you.

Reflect without blaming yourself

If someone has hurt you or you have done it to other people, think about it, forgive yourself or others, and move on with your life. It is not good to keep a grudge inside, because it leads nowhere.

Seek advice from your loved ones and make the final decision

Many times we find ourselves lost, but there are people who in addition to loving and caring for us, have the ability to calm us only with words. Listen to these people and make the final decision yourself.

Nobody knows you better than you. It will often happen to you to have alternatives and to be able to choose only one. Choose after thinking. Do not torture yourself thinking: "What if I had chosen the other way?". What's done is done, and at that moment it was the best decision for you.

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