I'm afraid of false friends hugging me

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I'm afraid of false friends hugging me

Last update: December 10, 2015

In life there is no lack of opportunities to surprise us with the attitudes of the people around us, whom we believed were faithful and loyal to the feeling of friendship. In fact, we are unable to recognize a false friend until they harm us.

What is certain is that the attacks from behind cause us great suffering. Suffering that at times seems unbearable, and therefore leads to the breakdown of trust and the relationship with someone we believed in 100%.

While it is very difficult to defend ourselves against the hypocrisy and betrayal of those we considered friends, we must always remember that even if all that glitters is not gold, we can still have faith in the world.

Friendship is a very valuable asset

As we all know, true friendship is a rare commodity, which feeds on positive feelings, hopes and expectations. Whoever finds a friend does not find a treasure, but a real patrimony.

However, as terrible as it may seem to us, friendships also expire (or rather, relationships end). They expire when we stop taking care of them and when we forget the values ​​that support them.

But the worst is when betrayal and lying come into play disguised as good intentions in the middle of the game; at that point, the field is filled with hypocrisy and falsehood.

In these moments, we can feel that something is breaking inside us and our world turns upside down. Our castle collapses and we are faced with a completely demolished universe.

Then, rebuilding faith in humanity and sincere feelings can become difficult. It can also prove difficult to have to let go of that presence that has accompanied us up to that moment.

In this sense, friendships that betray us do not honor the term "friend"; they were simply relationships that could have become something beautiful, but which rotted halfway through or perhaps at the beginning.

5 types of false friends

There are 5 possible fake friend profiles which is good to recognize in order to prevent their influence on our life.

1 - The one who always wants to be the best

Having ambitions and desires is not bad, but there are people who always want to feel superior. They never rejoice in our results. They will always be better or worse than us and they will not listen to us, they will just want to be heard.

2 - The one that is always full of problems

They are characterized by the inability to feel lucky; I am constantly looking for compassion and support. They complain about everything and life is a real drama for them. It does not matter if we are going through a difficult time, we will end up comforting them because of their desperate request for comforting words.

3 - The one that always makes you feel bad

These are people who make you feel guilty and selfish every time you open your mouth or do something. Nothing you do is okay, they will never make you feel that you are doing things right, unless they are looking for something from you.

4 - The one who just wants to gossip

Gossiping, speaking ill of others and judging every movement are his great passions. When you are with this false friend, you feel that he just wants to poke his nose into the latest events in your life. There is no sincere interest on his part, you can tell from his tone and his insistence.

5 - The one who just wants to take advantage of you

There are people who try to benefit from everything, even misfortunes. In general, the balance tilts in their favor; they only come close when they are sure they can gain something from the situation.

Despite everything, I still believe that there are good people

Yes, there are good people. Not even a hundred betrayals can convince us that the world is full of darkness. It is clear that we are not infallible and that, at times, we make mistakes without wanting to stab our friends in the back.

In fact, the world is not all good or all bad, but when we are betrayed, the protagonist of this act seems to us a devil. Nonetheless, we must treasure these experiences to learn what it is we want and which people are best to surround ourselves with.

It is likely that no matter how strong the armor we wear, we continue to run into negative relationships in our path. For this reason, given that doubts, suspicion and falsehood only hurt and poison us, we must strive to cultivate frankness, honesty and the loyalty. Without armor and without masks, only with sincerity.

Images courtesy of Nicoletta Ceccoli

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