I love the hugs that make us say "Adversity, you won't have me"

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I love the hugs that make us say "Adversity, you won't have me"

Last update: April 27, 2016

I like those hugs that, despite not solving anything, are a way of telling adversity that we will not give in. I like to close my eyes as they surround me with a force that scares adversity, while creating that exorcism that will make them flee as if they were frightened little girls being chased by a witch.

Hugs relieve tension, reduce stress, improve our self-esteem, restore confidence in ourselves and in the world around us. Furthermore, they strengthen our security and allow for the self-preservation of our emotional needs.

The truth is that sometimes, through a hug, there is something that "clicks", that turns on the light bulb of our well-being, that brings us love and nurtures clear and wonderful feelings that comfort our pain.

Even in the distance, when a hug is sincere, the soul extends its wings and is able to embrace the heart ...

The best calming is a hug

There are hugs that make you close your eyes, sigh and travel to a parallel world of peace and tranquility. In fact, they say that the generic component of anxiolytics is called embrace, because they reassure those who receive them in times of difficulty and worry.

They can even make more sense than a torrent of interlocking words and backstabbing. All this has a simple explanation: hugs are wonderful gestures that serve to tell others that we are close to them both physically and emotionally.

Because the conjunction of both presences is essential for one person to perceive another through the simplicity and richness of this exchange. It is with the small details and the big gestures that we perceive the appreciation of others.

The warmth that comes from a hug makes us feel that everything will be fine, that we must not give up at any time and that the people who love us will not leave us without their support and consolation.

The wonderful hugs that drive away adversity and sadness from the body

It's amazing how our emotions can change when someone hugs us and gives us their affection. Negative emotions such as sadness and anger, while painful and healthy, are easier to bear.

Hugs recharge us with positive energy, they convey to our mind that we will be able to overcome what is upon us and that there are no obstacles that prevent us from walking with our heads held high and looking forward.

Because, after all, a hug is feeling, medicine for the pains of the soul, pure delight, contact, affection, meeting, love, sweetness, wealth, good intentions, a look into the heart, nobility, understanding, closeness, happiness , heat…

I love these hugs because they break up my bad moments, help me maintain balance, comfort me and bare my essence. I love them because they convey such deep affection to me that I have to pinch myself to understand if I am dreaming or if it is true that my world is so perfect.

Because encouragement over time can make a difference, make a heart smile and dissolve pain and loneliness. There is no doubt that they make us feel special, that they are the best gift you can give.

For this reason, never underestimate the physical and psychological power of a hug, because this simple gesture can take you out of a dark period, it can enlighten you in the darkness and make the walls of your adversity small and fragile.

Images courtesy of Puung and Claudia Tremblay.

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