I like myself: I don't need to like everyone

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I like myself: I don't need to like everyone

Growing up means, among other things, realizing that you don't have to please everyone to be happy. Just love and respect yourself. Let's reflect on this in this article.

Last update: January 26, 2022

My way of being is authentic and I don't need to pretend to please everyone. I have been practicing the value of personal dignity for some time, I am not a slave to anyone and I do not need the approval of others to be happy. I like myself and that's enough.

It is essential to reach the aforementioned conclusion as soon as possible in its life cycle. It is an idea that every teenager should adopt, and that every individual should put into practice to achieve adequate inner balance and emotional well-being.

I am not what you expect, accept me for what defines me, for my way of being, for my way of making you happy: we build a world in which neither you nor I push ourselves to stop being "me" and "you ".

We know it's not always easy to do this. We have a feeling that if everyone doesn't like us, we won't be accepted. Life, however, is not built with the need to be loved: it is enough to know how to respect oneself.

We feel the need to be appreciated by the partner's family, to get along with his friends and to adapt to his colleagues. Each of us should take into consideration that it is impossible to please everyone. Each person is unique, we all have our way of being, of seeing the world, of living life.

If you don't like me, at least accept me, respect me. Most likely there is an aspect, or more, of me that unites us, most likely despite our differences, we can enrich each other.

And if not, nothing will happen. The essential thing is to accept ourselves: self-love is a relationship that should last a lifetime.

I am me, I like myself and accept myself in my way of being: I am a gift

We are a gift to ourselves and no one can tell us otherwise. Only we know what we have experienced, the obstacles overcome; our way of being is the window that allows us to see the world with all its intensity, in freedom and integrity.

I am as I am, I do not pretend to be a version of anyone or a puppet guided by other people's strings: I have a voice, a heart and I know what I deserve in this life to be happy.

Our way of being is not defined only by traits such as extroversion, shyness or introversion. It is an amalgam of nuances in which vital experiences, thoughts and learning are inscribed. They are failures and wounds, but they are also triumphs and paths of happiness.

Adversity teaches and successes guide, every experience builds our way of being; it also integrates educational styles, the values ​​we assume or those we renounce, and the essence of every person who passes through our life.

  • Our way of being is the energy that pushes and that must put barriers to what we do not want in life, to what does not define us.
  • People who try to fit in with everyone need approval first and foremost. That's when they feel complete, but if we just seek approval on a day-to-day basis, we will stop being ourselves.
  • Psychologist and writer Wayne Dyer used to say that 50% of the people we meet every day are likely to be against our views. If we meet someone who doesn't like what we say or what we do, we don't have to worry - another 50% will support us.
  • As children we are educated to the need to please everyone: smile, shake hands, this is not to be done ... We spend a good part of our life “looking for approval”, until one day, suddenly, we realize that making everyone happy is impossible.

Trying to please everyone will make you miserable

Buddhism has been saying this since ancient times: if we persist in pleasing everyone, we will find only suffering and unhappiness.

It is not worth it, it is not necessary to love those with a selfish heart, those who do not recognize, those who lack nobility and those who simply do not adapt to their way of understanding the world.

I am part of everything I have found on my way, my way of being is my essence and my identity. It took me a long time to get to where I am and I can't afford to pretend to be who I am not just to make others happy.

If we think about it, nothing could cause more stress and emotional pain than trying to please everyone. However, we also know that "disliking" can cause more than criticism and reproach.

  • You have to understand that criticisms are more related to those who address them rather than to those who receive it. They do not define us, they are often a reflection of the frustration of those who criticize you.
  • It is not healthy to live depending on the opinions of others, nor under the yoke of finding approval: one will become a slave to the world instead of being the owner of one's heart.

Life is diversity, and people have so many shades that it pays to be unique, authentic and always maintain adequate dignity. He loves yourself for who you are, he loves you for who you are.

Images courtesy of Jo Parry and Pascal Campion

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