I like authentic people, without masks

I like authentic people, without masks

Last update: February 29, 2016

I like authentic people, without masks. People who do not deceive themselves or others ... I want to be like that too. Living constantly in lies, even if only for fear of what they will say, only serves to enslave us. It only serves to make us unhappy and life is so short that it makes sense to live what others want for us?

I also like genuine people who help others with their attitude of respect: without looking down on them, without judging them, without murmuring behind them. Of course, if each of us tried a little, the world would be a better place, at least in that sense.

Being authentic means not hiding from fear

I like authentic people who have learned to live fearlessly and laugh at the world, regardless of what others whisper behind them. People who smoothly display their sexual orientation, physical or intellectual limitations, etc. I like them because, without a doubt, they show me that they are happy and, for me, it is a life lesson.

And I? I… I am nothing more than a person reflecting on an issue about which, of course, I have often been wrong. I will not have been myself, sometimes I will not have been authentic and I will have judged others, because I am human and I also make mistakes.

However, I think that now, as in other moments, at least I have the ability to reflect on my mistakes, those I have committed towards others and towards myself. I know that I must not hide, that I must show myself as I am. Who wants to accept me for how good I am, otherwise, for them, there is nothing else.

“Who is authentic takes responsibility for being what he is and recognizes himself free to be what he is”.

-Jean paul Sartre-

Being authentic means not judging

I also learned to correct myself, to say to myself: don't judge, let the world go by, don't square people this way or that, treat all human beings the same.

If you don't like someone, be polite, fair, and let them go their own way. With your attitude, try to make this world a better place, at least based on what you have at hand and that it has to do with relationships and respect for others.

What are authentic people like?

Genuine people think that being themselves is the best gift they can give to others and, after all, to themselves as well. Some of the characteristics that define them are:

  • They are not afraid of what others will say. It has been a long time since they took off their absurd mask.
  • They admit in front of others and in front of themselves that they are not perfect.
  • They understand that they are vulnerable, and nothing more.
  • They don't care that there are many people who can look bad at them.

"The most devastating lies for our self-esteem are not so much what we tell, but what we live"

-Nathaniel Branden-

How are people who judge others?

On the contrary, people who judge others and who are attentive to everything they do, think or feel, have the following characteristics:

  • Usually, they don't show themselves as they are. They are not authentic people. They believe they are perfect and that imperfection is a characteristic of others.
  • It is rare that they are happy with their own life. They try to justify it by criticizing others.
  • They are not at all critical of themselves. When it is said "to see the splinter in the eye of others, and not to see the beam in one's own ..."
  • They don't have a life of their own. They have no interests or activities that they are passionate about. They get bored and their hobby is criticizing others.
  • Usually, they are envious people. They talk about others, they criticize them because, after all, they feel envy. An envy that doesn't hurt others, but only themselves.

Dedicated, with all due respect, to those people who, for one reason or another, for fear of being rejected, fear of what they will say, have not yet managed to show themselves as they really are. Only when we are ourselves in front of others and leave behind that enormous weight that we have on our shoulders, we begin to see life with a happiness that we had forgotten.

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