I hope that beautiful things follow you, find you, hug you and stay with you

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I hope that beautiful things follow you, find you, hug you and stay with you

Last update: 11 November 2016

I hope that all beautiful things will follow you, find you, hug you and stay with you. And everything else to stay away. May you go through any life experience that can teach you something, even a simple lesson.

May you make every teaching your own, mold every stone on your path. That he paints lines and end points. Let him stumble and fall. That he writes ellipsis to cushion the bad moments. May you grow and live.

I hope you are aware of the good and the bad. That he knows, because you have experienced it firsthand, that all the good things in life are messy. That it is better to live by revolution while looking at the horizon. That the best way to stay safe is to fear mediocrity.

I hope that everything flows, even if time often threatens. May you, one way or another, go back to the starting square and start all over again. May your successes be celebrated and your failures reevaluated.

Remember that even shadows and demons can be hugged. That sadness is also positive, because it helps to express and appreciate what you want. Remember that anger can be put aside.

Do not allow anyone to chastise your sensitivity and keep in mind that crying is not synonymous with weakness. Sensitive communication requires frankness. Attacking feelings, instead of revealing them, is a mistake that you can pay dearly for. Remember, therefore, that sensitivity is a gift that deserves to be empowered, because living with the heart is what makes you special and authentic.

Reject absolutisms, avoid that the words "always", "never", "all" and "nobody" come out of your mouth to make categorical statements. Understand that life is a rainbow and that seeing things in black and white is not good for anyone.

Please don't forget that love is not begging and that if you have to, then it is not love. Remember that relationships of abuse are the order of the day and that you need to analyze very carefully what they bring to you.

You have to be careful who gives you something, bearing in mind that the total lack of time does not exist. Never forget that if you don't feel interest from someone, you are free to walk away from them. Don't feel guilty about it.

Remember that resilience, self-control, and assertiveness are three of the most important psychological skills you can ever develop. Do not give up, distance yourself and say "no" when you feel it necessary.

Remember that time is as eternal as it is ephemeral. That there are no magical solutions or infallible recipes for the pains of the soul. Because, after all, it's all about asking life for tequila and salt when she insists on giving you lemons.

Don't be scared if you feel like you want to be alone. Don't feel guilty if you don't feel like chatting or relating to others. Accept that we all reserve a fee for our soul and for ourselves and this is not negative, it is indeed very necessary and is a symptom of hope. Understand and respect that others do too.

Lean on the shoulder of people who, when they hug you, manage to destroy all your fears. Remember that there are places that are not marked on the maps. They are your hearths, located in the arms of people you love and who love you in turn. The same ones that helped you write pieces of your story.

Do not be sad when you think about the people who have chosen to leave, remembering them is the sign that you are endowed with memory and with LIFE. Appreciate your memory, your qualities and your health. Think that in a few years it will be what really matters.

Be wary of those who turn away from you, your desires and your ambitions. You weave your life to the rhythm of the clock and do not forget that life goes on and that it is more important to live it than to make other projects.

But most of all, love with all of yourself. Don't accept middle ground, love strongly. He loves others, loves your life and loves yourself. Please, don't get lost in veniality and give shape and meaning to your life. Remember that every minute counts, that it all adds up and that you are capable of flying much higher than you are now doing.

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