I get lost, I look for myself and sometimes I find myself

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I get lost, I look for myself and sometimes I find myself

Last update: April 04, 2016

Sometimes I get lost amid a thousand digressions and daily worries, dedicating my attention to people who do not deserve it, to circumstances that have no importance. I'm afraid of things that will probably never happen, I drown in the details, without focusing on what really matters.

Every day, I need to stop to conduct a search within myself, to search for my essence, who I really am, what is hidden under my forced smiles, under the looks that I can not hide.

Only sometimes I find myself and see who I really am, but I still feel very small, so much so that I go back to hide myself so that no one can see myself, to be able to use as a shield a smile that is not mine, which I borrowed from a person who is not me.

“Those who have no place in the world are always one step away from finding themselves”.

-Hermann Hesse-

I get lost in the speed of things

For most of us, reality is something that flows at full speed. We barely have time to complete the countless things we set out to do, we run to work, to pick up the kids from school, to go out to dinner, sometimes even to go on vacation. However, where is the time to find ourselves?

We must try to reduce the speed at which things happen, look for our space, create that necessary place to enjoy what we like best. We have to stop for a moment and breathe, look around us, observe the sky, the clouds, the trees and enjoy every moment.

“I'm trying to find myself, even if it's often not easy. Millions of people live their entire lives without finding themselves. "

-M. Monroe-

Listen to your heart

Our heart talks to us often, but we pay more attention to what our head tells us, to everything we have to do, to go fast. However, if we stop for a second to listen to every single beat of our heart, we will be able to feel the true rhythm of our life.

What does your heart tell you? Listen to him carefully, because with every beat he whispers words you don't want to hear or which frighten you, but which are necessary.

If your heart tells you that something in your life needs to change, it's time to face your fears and make the impossible possible.. Being afraid of change is human; however, in general, you learn from changes and come out stronger.

"All that glitters is not gold, nor are wanderers lost."


Let yourself be caressed by loneliness

Loneliness is a state of mind that, at times, is necessary to find oneself, to know who really is the person who is hiding inside our being. When you move away from the noise, from other people, you learn to listen to the silence, to listen to your thoughts and to reflect on your beliefs.

When we are alone, we are able to appreciate the small details of the things that surround us, to see life with its thousand shades and to appreciate its colors, its smells, its flavors. We must seek that moment of solitude, to find ourselves, our deepest thoughts, and let loneliness caress us and bring us comfort.

Find your place

In the course of life, we often get lost, make mistakes, rectify, guess and make mistakes again. But you always learn, why each step brings us closer and closer to that place in the world that belongs to us, to that place from which we will never be able to leave.

Perhaps the time has come to wake up and look at life, to put aside victories and defeats, to open our eyes and see where we are and who we are. Finding yourself means trusting, accepting yourself and, above all, establishing a connection with our deepest desires and feelings.

We make a thousand trips to find a place in which to feel at ease but, once we have found it, we know with certainty that this is our place, that nothing will be able to move us from where we are, because our roots have grown and found what they craved so much: ourselves.

“When one finds one's place in the world, he never wants to leave”.

-A place in the world-

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